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bright futures safe

saftey injury prevention pediatric bright futures

infant safety issues: parent must use car seat for all car rides; reinforce no smoking in the house; back to sleep, sleep in the parents room but not bed, sleep with pacifiers; see also prenatal MVA, suffocation, SIDS, fires, poisoning, choking,
preschooler safety issues: parent must realize child needs constant supervision because child does not have cognitive awareness of danger; reinforce safety rules, train child to approach authorities for help when separated from parents; create safe environment at home & when traveling; MVA, fire, pedestrian hazards
school aged safety issues: parents must make sure child knows contact info & check in; use seat belts & protective gear when doing sports; follow traffic rules MVA, bullying, peer pressure, violence, sport injury
adolescents safety issues: parents must reinforce safe driving rules; make sure child have physical before engaging in sports; check in MVA, violence (AA-homicide), suicide, assults, gangs, drugs
prenatal safety issues: parent must buy car seat, crib, first aid kid, install smoke detectors; put telephone number for poison control on all phones, take CPR accident, poisoning, choking, fires, fall, death
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