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Assignment Sheet 8

CTTC - Drug Classifications

Anxiolytic Relieves anxiety
Bacteriostatic Inhibits growth of bacteria
Bronchodilator Dilates bronchial tubes
Cardiotonics Affects heart action
Contraceptive Prevents conception or pregnancy
Cortisone and steroids Influence metabolism, inflammation, and physiologic stress
Decongestant Decreases congestion or swelling in respiratory tract
Disinfectant Destroys bacteria on objects; not used on living tissue
Diuretic Increases urine output
Emetic Causes vomiting
Expectorant Aids in expelling mucus from respiratory tract
Glucocorticoid and corticosteriods Influence metabolism and reduce inflammation
Hypolipidemic Lowers blood cholesterol
Keratolytic Assists in loosening horny layer of skin
Laxative Aids in having a bowel movement
Miotic Causes pupil of eye to contract
Mydriatic Causes pupil of eye t dilate
Narcotic Relieves pain or causes sleep; addictive
NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
Scabicide Destroys scabies
Sedative Exerts tranquilizing, soothing effect
Stimulant Increases activity
Vaccine Causes resistance to specific disease
Vasoconstrictor Causes blood vessels to constrict
Vasodilator Causes vessels to dilate
Created by: granna