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-ic pertaining to
metro uterus
morpho body, shape, form
my, mya, myo muscle
nephr kidney
hyster- womb
hepato- liver
-gen originate
hist-, histo- tissue
lep, leps, lept seisure
lingua tongue
lymph water
macro- large
malign- bad, harmful
-mania madness, insane
mast- breast
melan- black
labi lip
hydr, hydro water
-itis inflammation
hem, hemat, hemo blood
neo new
nutri nourish
mon, mono single
multi many
nas, naso nose
-gram recording
man, manu hand
mega, megalo great, large
micro small
necro- corpse, death
-oma swelling, tumor
hypo- below
neur, neuro nerve
-nomy science of
norm, normo usual
ocul, oculo eye
-form shape
kin-, kine- movement
later- side
leuko, leuko white
gastr-, gastro stomach
fract- break
gloss-, glosso- tongue
-gnosis knowledge
odont, dont tooth
hom, hemeo, homo same
glyco- sugar
galacto- milk
hyper- above
gyn- gyneco= woman
gingiv- gum
logy study of, knowledge
hetero- varied, different
nem, mens, meno mouth
meta beyound, change
oo of eggs
fovea small point
lumbo lower back, loin
mal- bad, abnormal
mamm- breast
kilo thousand
ir- not
infra below
infer below
in- in, negative
-graph written record
lact-, lacto- milk
hemi- half
lip fat
lysis dissolving
intra inside
or- mouth
lachry, lacri- tears
larynge, laryngo windpipe
onco- mass, tumor
ophthalm- eye
laparo- abdomen
is-, iso equal
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