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HEART Size & Shape ? Size of a Fist & Shaped like a Cone.
HEART Location ? It lies between your Lungs, just behind (posterior to) your Sternum, & the Tip (apex) of the Cone points towards the Left Nipple. Slightly to the Left Centre in your Chest.
CARDIA ? Relating to the HEART
PERICARDIUM / PERICARDIAL MEMBRANES ? There are 2 Layers to this Sac: the Fibrous Pericardium and the Serous Pericardium. The Serous Pericardium, in turn, is divided into 2 Layers; in between these 2 Layers there is a potential Space called the PERICARDIAL CAVITY.
HEART, Inside Out (E,PC,M,E,PP) Endocardium, Pericardial Cavity, Myocardium, Epicardium & Parietal Pericardium
HEART, Inside Out, ENDOCARDIUM ? This Innermost Layer of the Heart is made up of ENDOTHELIAL Tissue that Lines the Inside of the Heart.
HEART, Inside Out, The ENDOCARDIUM is CONTINUOUS Through All Your Blood Vessels. TRUE or FALSE ? TRUE
HEART, Inside Out, PERICARDIAL Cavity ? Working you way out, in this Space, you find the CORONARY VESSELS - the Blood Vessels that Supply the Tissues of the Heart with Nutrients & Oxygen
HEART, Inside Out, MYOCARDIUM ? This next Layer out is the Hard-Working, Contracting Muscular Layer of Your Heart
HEART, Inside Out, EPICARDIUM ? This Inner Layer of the Pericardium Covers the Mtocardium.
HEART, Inside Out, EPICARDIUM Secreates ? Secreates PERICARDIAL Fluid, which Protects the Tissues as they Rub Together when the Heart Beats.
HEART, Inside Out, PARIETAL PERICARDIUM Location & Made of ? Beyond the Pericardial Cavity, Working your way out to the Outside of the Heart, This Outermost Layer of the Heart is a THIN, WHITE Covering Made of Fibrous CONECTIVE Tissue.
HEART, Inside Out, EPICARDIUM Function ? Joins the Major Blood Vessels (such as the Aorta) to the Sternum & Diaphram.
HEART, Inside Out, EPICARDIUM, Also Secretes ? Like the Epicardium it Also Secretes Pericardial Fluid.
HEART, 4 Hollow Chambers ? Left ATRIUM, Right ATRIUM, Left VENTRICLE & Right VENTRICLE.
HEART, Left & Right ATRIUM are Called ? The ATRIA.
HEART, The ATRIA are Seperated by ? A MEMBRANE Called the INTER-ATRIAL SEPTUM.
HEART, Each Chamber of the Heart is Seperated by ? The VALVES.
HEART, VALVES Function ? They Allow Measured Amount of Blood into a Chamber.
HEART, VALVES Prevent ? Blood Flowing Backward, Keep the Blood Flowing in the Right Direction, Which Helps Maintain the Proper Rhythm Action in the Heart.
HEART, 2 Types of Valves ? The ATRIO-VENTRICULAR Valves (Which are Between the Atria & the Ventricles) & SEMILUNAR Valves.
HEART, 2 Types of ATRIOVENTRICULAR Valves ? BICUSPID Valve has TWO Flaps & the TRICUSPID Valve Has THREE Flaps.Bi= 2 & Tri= 3 Hence the Name.
HEART, 2 Types of SEMILUNAR Valves ? PULMONARY Semilunar Valve & AOTRIC Semilunar Valve, both have THREE Flaps which are Shaped Like Half-Moons, Hence the name.
HEART, Double PUMP for 2 Reasons 1st ? the heart has TWO kinds of Chambers - Atria & Ventricles, The Atria Contract Simultaneously & then the Ventricles Contract Simultaneously.
HEART, Double PUMP for 2 Reasons 2nd ? The Heart Pumps Blood Through TWO Routes - the Arterial & Venous Systems.
Created by: Grendeloak