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Praxis !! 0049 III

Periods of Literature

Homeric or Heroic 1200bc - 455 bc Greel legends Homer's Illiyad and Odyssey; chaotic time
Classic Greek 800-200 bc; Aesop, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Euripeded, Sophocles; sophisticaed time
Classical Roman 200bc to 455 ad; Plautus and Terence, later dictatorship; Ovid, Horace, Virgil,
Patristic 70 ad- 455 ad; Early christian writings
Medieval 455 - 1485;
Old English (Anglo-Saxon) 428-1066; Dark Ages; epic poems such as Beowolf; CAROLINGIAN Renaissance grammer, encyclopedias.. Viking sagas
Middle English 1066 - 1450; French chivlaric romances, scholastic and theological works, french fables
Late (High) Medieval 1200 - 1485; tumultuos time; Chaucer, Baccaccio, Petrarch, Dante
Renaissance and Reformation 1485- 1660
Early Tudor 1485 -1558; Henry VII Tudoe reclaims throne, Martin Luther, Edmund Spencer poet
Elizabethan 1558 - 1603; early Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe,
Jacobean 1603-1625; later Shakespeare, John Donne
Caroline 1625-1649; John Milto, George herbert
Commonwealth (Purutan Interrgnum) 1649-1660; Cromwell's puritan dictatorship; John Milto, Sir thomas marvel sir Homas brown
Enlightnment(Neoclassic) 1660-1790; increased influence of the classics; revere logic despise superstition
Restoration 1660 - 1700; King restored to British throne; John Dryden, John Lock, Sir wm. Temple, Racine, Moliere
Augustan Age 1700 - 1750; imitation of Virgil and Horace; Johnathan Swift, Voltaire
Age of Johnson 1750 - 1790; Colonial period in US; transition to romanticsm
Romantic Period 1790 - 1830; Samuel Taylor coleridge, William Blake, John keats, Percy Byshe Shelley, Johannvan Goethe, (Jane Austin); in US transcendental - Ralph wlado Emerson, Henry David Thoreau
Victorian and 19th Century 1832 -1901; sentimentality; Elizabeth Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, charles Dickens, Bronte's, intruded upon by Oscar wilde and Pater -decadance; In US naturalist-Stephen Crane; Gothic Bram Stoker, Poe, Hawthorne
Modern Period 1914- 1945; Brits:Yeats, Dylan thomas, Virginia Wolf; Yankees: Frost, O'Conner, hemingway, F. Scot Fitzgerald, Faulkner, stein, Harlem Ren. James Baldwin, realism
Postmodern 1945- ...; TS Eliot, GB shaw, S. beckett, Ginsberg, Pynchon, meta fiction fragmented poetry; Langston Hughes, Ton Morrison; magical realism
Created by: annem
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