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Jeffand14 WestCivT1

First test review

The time period between 1500 and 1700. In this period the foundations of modern science were being created. The Scientific Revolution
Polish astronomer that came up with the idea of the sun being at the center of the Solar system. Nicolas Copernicas
English Physician who discovered the circulation of blood and the importance of the heart. William Harvey
Discovered Sunspots, valleys, and mountains on the moon. He was able to figure out the motion of projectiles. Discovered the Laws of falling bodies. Galileo
Discovered that planets had an eliptical orbit Johannes Kepler
Came up with Baconian method aka scientific method Sir francis Bacon
Came up with modern philosophy and Geometry Rene Descartes
A time of which science, reason, and respect for humanity were rising, The Age of Enlightenment
Social Philosopher of the 18th century Philopsophes
to grow or develop progress
belief in existance of a god but the god has not done anything since creating the world deism
permissive attitude towards different cultures tolerance
came up with the idea of separating the Church from the government Jean Jacques Rousseau
English writer and feminist that wrote about the exuality of the sexes. Mary Wollstonecraft
A publication of Mary Wollstonecraft that explained how men and womens rights should be equal. The Vindication of the Rights of Woman
voluntary agreement of how people should act toward one another and the government The Social Contract
impulse of citizens seeking to do common good in the community The General Will
Philosopher that believed that all people were born the same and good, independent, and equal John Locke
Laid the foundations for modern Sociology Thomas Hobbes
The time period between 1500 and 1700. In this period the foundations of modern science were being created. Ex. Isaac Newton and Nicolas Copernicus Sa Scientific Revolution
Man being able to think about things on his own and not to have to rely on others man's release from his self-incurred tutelage.
Created by: jeffand14