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2nd medical tests

med terms

2nd medical testsAnswer
what do electrographic tests do they record the electrical activity occuring in certain parts of the body
what type of electrographic test is used to examine the heart ekg or ecg
what is distinct advantage of ekg it is noninvasive safe & painless
what type of electrographic test is used to measure electrical activity in skeletal muscles EMG
what electrographic test studies the brain EEG
EEG is used to do what identify changes in the brain
for what condition is EEG most effective to diagnose and differentiate among the forms Epilepsy
Is EMG invasive Most are
What is EMG frequently performed in conjunction with NCS
what do NCS study they measure a nerve's impulse in response to stimulus at one point, which causes a reaction at another point.
EMG is useful for diagnosing what? nerve compression disorders, herniated intervertebral discs, nerve root irritation and muscular diseases
What do nuclear medicine tests involve? introducing small doses of radioactive substances into the body to diagnose medical conditions
the existence of a pathological condition in nuclear medicine tests is indicates when? when more of less of a tracer is absorbed by the body than normal
when a pathological condition exists, the scan shows either a hit spot or a cold spot depending on how the tracer is absorbed by the particular body part. a hot spot occurs when the tracer absorption is what? increased
a cold spot occurs when the tracer absorption is what decreased
a major advantage to nuclear imaging is that it provides what kind of information about a body part being studied? functional
For anatomic imaging ,nuclear scans provide what type of resolution? lower quality resolution
what are the disadvantages of nuclear imaging? radiation risk,cannot use with pregnant women, invasive, possibility that patient will have allergic reaction to radiopharmaceutical
The type of radionuclide imaging that tests entire skeleton or selected bones is called what? bone scan
when a hot spot occurs on a nuclear scan of a child's bone what could it mean? that teh bone growth area is howing as a hot spot and it is not a pathological spot
Inbone scans, when a cold spot is indicated, what does that ususally mean? A tumor has cut off the blood circulation in teh bone, has totally replace the bone or a necrotic area(death of areas of the bone)
What are some advantages to bone scans? Can ID bone malignancies by type,can id infections and fractures, can detect abnormalities before xray can, painless
Cardiovascular scans include what tests? hot spot myocardial imaging,thalliumor cold spot imaging and cardiac blood pool imaging
Nuclear tests of liver/spleen usually require what else? CT, ultrasound or other tests for confirmation
Which nuclear medical test uses a cyclotron? Pet because the radionuclide must be produced immediatly before it is used.
What does the SPECT test provide? Three-dimensional image providing functional information
During a Bone Scan,if the injection of the radionuclide is not given properly what could happen? False hot spots could be produced
What is the basic principle that makes ultrasonography work? sound waves of an extremely high frequency to produce an image of a particular area of the body.
What is ultrasonography best suited for testing? Medium density soft tissue(like Kidneys)
Why is ultrasound considered the safest test for pregnant women no readiation
What is a major disadvantage of ultrasonographe? scar tissue may weakenreflected sound waves, ineffective for teh obese, ineffective for bone & air filled structures (like lungs)
Which echocardiography technique provides a 2-dimensional view of structures of the heart? 2-dimensional (cross-sectional or 2-DE
Which echocardiography technique provides a one-dimensional view of structures within the heart? M-Mode (motion mode)
When trauma has occured to the chest and echocardiogram might be used to do what? search for the cause of pain or abnormal heart sounds
Transesophageal echocardiography combines echocardiography with what else an endoscope
What are some disadvantages of Echocardiography? test results can be distorted by people with lung conditions, may not be able to define the exact nature of an abnormality, TE is invasive
What ultrasonography test analyzes the audible sounds of blood flow dopller ultrasonography
Transcranial Doppler ultrasonography measure blood flow in what? the cerebral arteries
What special equipment does doppler ultrasonography use? a probe placed on the skin to record & analyze the blood flow based on the audible signal blood produces as it moves
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