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Med Term Muscles

What is the change in joint position that is produced by muscle movements? It is also a therapeutic exercise to increase strength, mobility, and flexibility Range of Motion
The point at which a muscle begins is known as________________. origin
The place where the muscle ends as known as the_______________________. insertion
A protusion of a part or structure through the tissues containing it hernia
The muscle of the upper arm that flexes the elbow named from the two divisions from which it is formed. biceps
Decreased motor function or activity is known as Hypokinesia
A band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally adhesion
The act of rotating the arm or leg so the palm of the hand or sole of the foot is turned downward or backward Pronation
The tightening of a muscle causing it to become shorter and thicker. contraction
A surgical division of a tendon for relief of a deformity caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle. tenotomy
To suture the end of a tendon to a bone tenodesis
The suffix to bind or tie together -desis
What is to free a tendon from adhesions? Tenolysis
The protusion of a muscle through its ruptured sheath or facia is called a ______________. myocele
Smooth muscles are also known as _________________ muscles because they are found in the large internal organs. visceral
Smooth muscles are also known as___________________ muscles beause they do not have the light and dark bands. unstriated
Smooth muscles are also known as______________________ muscles because they are not under the control of the autonomic nervous system involuntary muscle
__________________ is movement toward the midline of the body Adduction
_________________bends the foot upward at the ankle Dorsiflexion.
The suturing of a divided tendon is known as _______________________ tenorrhaphy
The suffix -ia means a condition
The suffix -rrhexis means ______________ rupture
An abnormal shortening of a muscle tissue making the muscle resistant to stretching contracture
Which combining form means movement? Kinesi/o
Which type of muscle tissue makes possible the movement of internal organs? Smooth
Which term means the condition commonly known as hiccups? singultus
Which term means to move toward the midline? adduction
Which term means inflammation of several voluntary muscles? polymyositis
Which term means the delayed relaxation of a muscle after a strong contraction? myotonia
Which term means to suture a tendon to a bone? tendodesis
Which term means the paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body? parapalegia
Which type of movement bends the knee and brings the lower leg backward? flexion
Which term means abnormally increased motor function or activity? hyperkinesia
Which term describes an abnormal shortening of muscle tissues that makes the muscle resistant to streching? contracture
Which term means abnormal hardening of the muscle tissue? myosclerosis
Which syndrome affects the wrist? carpal tunnel
Which term means the surgical repair of fascia? fascioplasty
Which term means the breaking down of muscle tissue? myolysis
Which term means the normal jerking of the limbs that occurs as a person is falling asleep? nocturnal myoclonus
Which term means the suturing of a divided tendon? tenorrhaphy
Which term means the surgical removal of a portion of a muscle? myectomy
Which term means pain in the leg muscles during exercise? intermittent claudication
Which term means the study of human factors that affect the design and operation of tools and the work enviroment? ergonomics
Which term means the surgical repair of a tendon? tenoplasty
Which term describes hardened deposits in the plantar fascia? heel spurs
Which term means difficulty in controlling voluntary movement? dystaxia
Which term means the protusion of a muscle through its ruptured sheath of fascia? myocele
Created by: Mrs. Franks
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