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West Civilation 2

The Beginning of the age of enlightenment

Who was Nicolas Copernicus? Polish astronomer, best known for his astronomical theory that the sun is at rest near the center of the universe, and that the earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolves annually around the sun.
Who was William Harvey? English physician, who discovered the circulation of the blood and the role of the heart in propelling it, thus refuting the theories of Galen and laying the foundation for modern physiology.
Who was Galileo? Galileo’s main contributions were, in astronomy, the use of the telescope in observation and the discovery of sunspots, mountains and valleys on the Moon, the four largest satellites of Jupiter, and the phases of Venus.
Who was Johannes Kepler? German astronomer and natural philosopher, noted for formulating and verifying the three laws of planetary motion.
Who was Sir Francis Bacon? English philosopher and statesman, one of the pioneers of modern scientific thought.
Who was Sir Isaac Newton? English physicist, mathematician, and natural philosopher, considered one of the most important scientists of all time.
Who was Rene Descartes? French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician.
Created by: gerb