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Cianci - Pearson

The Swiss Reformation, Anabaptists and Other Radical Groups, and John Calvin

Ulrich Zwingli Protestant reformer who led the reformation in Switzerland.
March 1522 Zwingli breaks the Lenten fast in protest of the Church, an action (at the time) similar to burning one nation's flag.
January 29, 1523 The government of Zurich sanctions Zwingli's Scripture test, turning Zurich into the center of the Swiss Reformation.
Marburg Colloquy A proposed defense pact between Swiss and German Protestants which fell through due to Luther and Zwingli's disagreement over Christ's presence in the Eucharist.
Battle of Kappel (October 1531) A battle in the Swiss Civil Wars which resulted in the unceremonious execution of Zwingli.
Anabaptists A group of Protestants founded by Conrad Grebel who believed that people should be baptized as adults.
Munster (1534-1535) Anabaptists took control of the city, which was then beseiged. Transformed the city into a Christian theocracy with polygamy.
John Calvin A French Protestant who developed Calvinism and developed Geneva into a model Protestant city.
Guillame Farel A Protestant from Bern who worked together with Calvin to create articles for the governance of the Genevan Church
September 1540 John Calvin, at the request of the Genevan government, returns to Geneva to help break it away from Bern.
Divine predestination The Calvinist belief that all peoples' fates are already determined by God
1553 Michael Servetus is burned at the stake in Geneva, an action approved by Calvin because Servetus had denied the doctrine of the Trinity.
Created by: Cianci