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Cianci - Rowell

The German Reformation

Martin Luther translated what into German using Erasmus's Greek text and Latin translatiin. The New Testament
The Reformation was greatly helped in these early years by the emperor's war with who? France
Who needed loyal German troops, to which end he sought friendly relations with the German princes. Charles V
The emperor agreed through his representatives at the what of 1526? The German Diet of Speyer
The Reformation put down deep roots in what two places? Germany and Switzerland
In what late years did the Reformation pass from the free hands of the theologians abd pamphleteers into the firmer ones of the magistrates and princes? 1520s and 1530s
Martin Luther translated what into erman using Erasmus's Greek text and Latin translatiin. The New Testament
By what year had Luther had become almost as much an object of protest within Germany as was the pope? 1525
Like the German humanists, the German what also had at first believed Luther to be an ally? Peasantry
Luther had initially sympathized with the peasants, condeming the what? Tyranny of the princes and urging them to meet the just demands of the peasants.
The Lutherans were not social revolutionaries and they saw no hope for their movements if it became intertwined with a what? Peasant Revolt
When did the peasants revolt against their landlord's occur? 1524-1525
Who predictably condemned the peasants as,"un-Christian?" Martin Luther
What did Luther urge the princes to do? Crush the revolt mercilessly.
For Luther, the freedom of the Christian lay in inner spiritual release from guilt and anxiety, and not what? In Revolutionary Politics
Had the reformers joined the what, Luther would have contradicted his own teaching and likely shared the fate of former what and died as leaders of peasant revolts? Peasant Revolt; Lutherans
Created by: Cianci