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Skeletal System Disease & Disorder Terms

ankylosing spondylitis inflammation of one or more vertebrae characterized by joint stiffness or immobility; rheumatoid arthritis of the spine
ankylosis immobility of a joint
arthralgia joint pain
arthritis inflammation of a joint
arthrochondritis inflammation of an articular cartilage
Baker's cyst accumulation of synovial fluid in the knee joint
bunion inflammation and enlargement of the bursa of the joint of the great (big)toe; also known as hallux valgus
bursitis inflammation of the bursa
chondromalacia softening of the cartilage
crepitation crackling or clicking sound present
dislocation temporary displacement of a bone from its joint
fracture sudden breaking of a bone; broken bone
fracture, closed break in bone without interrupting the skin; simple or complete fracture
fracture, Colles' fracture of the distal end of the radius, just above the wrist
fracture, comminuted fracture in which the bone is broken or splintered into pieces
fracture, greenstick fracture in which the bone is partially bent and partially broken; incomplete fracture
fracture, impacted fracture in which the bone is broken and wedged into the interior of another bone
fracture, open fracture in which the bone is broken and bone fragments protrude through the skin; compound fracture
gout acute arthritis characterized by inflammation of the first joint of the great toe
herniated disk rupture of the intervertebral disk, which protrudes between the vertebra and puts pressure on the spinal nerve root; commonly called a slipped disk
kyphosis outward curvature of the upper sections of the spinal column; humpback
lordosis forward curvature of the lower sections, usually the lumbar sections of the spinal column; swayback
myeloma tumor originating from the bone marrow
osteitis inflammation of the bone
osteochondritis inflammation of bone and cartilage
osteofibroma tumor of bony and fibrous tissue
osteomalacia softening of the bone
osteoporosis decreased bone density or loss of bone mass
osteosarcoma malignant tumor of bone
rheumatoid arthritis chronic, systemic inflammatory disease of the joints, especially the joints of the hands and feet
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
spondylitis inflammation of one or more vertebrae
spur bony growth arising from the surface of the bone
subluxation incomplete dislocation of a bone from its joint
talipes congenital deformity characterized by an abnormal alignment of the bones of the feet; commonly called clubfoot
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