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Philip II

Pillars of Spanish power 1)new world riches 2)increased population 3)efficent bureauracy and military 4)Supremacy in the Mediterranean
Philip II 1)Very Catholic 2)military smart 3)married Mary I 4)Failed to get netherlands
Margaret of Parma Regent on Netherlands and Philips half sister
Count of Egmont (1522+1568) William of Nassau(Prince of Orange(1533-1584)) a)focused on well being of Netherlands b)Was catholis, lutheran and calvinist in his life c)married Anne of Saxony in 1561
Cardinal Gravelle(1561) brutal guy that encourages others to be brutal, is removed from office by prince of Orange and Egmont in 1564
The Compromise Philip enforces the decrees of the council of trant in Netherlands which causes political and religious opposition
Louis of Nassauu A lutheran that led Opposition and was supported by lower nobility and towns people and resists the decrees with a compromise
1566 terms "Beggars" and "Huguenots" are used
The Duke of Alba was sent by Philip II to surpress revolt, made new tax that in turn paid for their supression, 1567-Spanish council of troubles vs. council of blood in Milian
William of Orange 1)leader of independent movement for Netherlands 2)Holland, Zeeland, and Utrecht=base 3)gained inspiration from Calvinists 4)enlisted:Spanish exiles, criminals, and Englishmen 5)won battle of Brill in 1572 6)1574-resist spanish siege
The Pacificatino of Ghent Declared internal regional sovereignty and all provinces joined in 1577(union of Brussels
Don John -Won against turks in 1571 -took over Spanish army in 1576 -signed Perpetual Edict in Febuary of 1577 which removed spanish troops from the Netherlands and gave them to Orange
Created by: Cianci