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Cianci- Burns

Black Death

How did the Black Death enter Europe? Followed trade routes from Asia, fleas on rats from Black Sea
Where did it enter Europe? Venice,Genoa, and Pisa
What made people vulnerable to the plague? Overpopulation, economic depression, famine, bad health
When did the greatest famine of Middle Ages occur? 1315-1317
What were some "remedies" of the plague that probably made it worse? Flight, extreme processions
What was the effect f the plague on farms? Farm wages increased, serfs chose to work elsewhere
In 1351, what happened that limited wages to pre-plague, and limited the ability for peasants to leave their masters? English Paliament passed Statute of Laborers
Due to the Statute of Laborers, what happened ith peasants? They revolted in 1381
What was the Jacquerie and what caused it? Jacquerie-French peasant uprising Tallie (tax) was increased
How did masters nd apprentices deal with high demand for luxury items? They kept their numbers low to avoid jealousy
What happened with the church as a result of the plague? It suffered as a landholder, became politically weak
The church benefited from.... the new revenues from the increased services for dead and dying
Who did power increase for? local artisans and trade guilds
What happened after 1350? Landed nobility and church were on defnsive
What did the kings try to do? Centralize government and economy
How much of the population was killed by the plague? 2/5, about 40%
Created by: Cianci