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Arterial Anatomy

RVT Gross Anatomy

First branches off the ascending aorta Coronary arteries
1st branch off the aortic arch innominate/brachiocephalic
Innominate/brachiocephalic artery divides into what two arteries? Right common carotid and Subclavian arteries
What are the three branches off the aortic arch? Innominate/Brachiocephalic, LCCA, Left Subclavian
What artery runs lateral to the outer border of 1st rib becoming the Axillary Artery? Subclavain Artery
Which artery becomes the Brachial Artery? Axillary Artery
Which artery terminates in the deep palmar arch? Radial Artery
Which artery terminates in the superficial palmar arch? Ulnar Artery
What are the branches off the abdominal aorta? Celiac, SMA, Renal Arteries, IMA
In Trans, a landmark for locating the LRA is the _________. left renal vein
Which left renal vessel crosses the aorta anteriorly? LRV
Which left renal vessel crosses the aorta posteriorly? LRA
What does the IMA supply blood to? transverse colon, descending colon, and part of rectum.
Which vessel arises from abdominal aorta about 3-4cm above the bifurcation? IMA
AKA for internal iliac artery hypogastric
Which artery travels along the medial side of Psoas Major Muscle? External Iliac Artery
When does the External Iliac Artery become the CFA? When it passes underneath the inguinal ligament.
Celiac artery branches into which arteries? Left gastric, splenic, and common hepatic artery
What do the renal arteries supply blood to? Kidneys, suprarenal glands, and ureters
The SFA becomes the popliteal artery at what landmark? Hunter's canal/adductor hiatus
The popliteal artery divides into what vessels? Anterior and posterior tibial arteries
What vessels form the "trifurcation" in the lower leg? ATA, PTA, and Peroneal artery branch
What is the first branch off the distal popliteal artery? Anterior tibial artery
Which vessel becomes the deep plantar artery? Anterior tibial artery
The short segment between ATA branch and the branches of PTA and peroneal arteries is called what? Tibioperoneal Trunk
Which vessels are considered "resistance vessels"? Arterioles
Thin layer of arterial wall consisting of a surface layer of smooth endothelium, base membrane, and connective tissue Tunica Intima/inner layer
Thicker layer of the arterial wall composed of smooth muscle and connective tissue-largely of teh elastic type-thickest layer. Tunica media/intermediate layer
Somewhat thinner than the media layer of the arterial wall, which layer contains fibrous connective tissue, some muscle fibers, and has is own blood supply Tunica externa/outer layer(adventitia)
Which layer of the arterial wall contains the vasa vasorum, tiny vessels that carry blood to the walls of the larger arteries? The adventia layer
Which artrery wall layer has its own blood supply? Adventitia/Tunica Externa/Outer Layer
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