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Cianci -McKinney

French invasions of Italy

Treaty of Lodi 1454-1455. Allied Milan and Naples with Florence.
Ludovico il Moro ruled around 1490. Milanese despot. Encouraged France to invade and reconquer Naples. Later joined League of Venice to undo his wrong
Naples Italian city-state. Previously ruled by France (1266-1442), driven out by Duke Alfonso of Sicily.
Milan Italian city-state. France had a dynastic claim to here.
Charles VIII ruled 1483-1498. Successor to French King Louis XI, quickly invaded Italy
Piero de' Medici Florentine ruler, allied with Naples against Milan. Tried to prevent Florence's destruction by giving possessions to Charles VIII, but was exiled for it
Ferdinand of Aragon ruled 1479-1516. Created the League of Venice
League of Venice formed in March 1495. Consisted of Venice, the Papal States, Emperor Maximilian I, and Ferdinand of Aragon against the French invasion.
Louis XII ruled 1498-1515. Charles's successor. Invaded Milan in 1499.
Pope Alexander VI Italian-Borgian pope. Extremely corrupt, assisted Louis XII in invading Italy.
Pope Julius II ruled 1503-1513. Cardinal Guiliano della Rovere. Successor to Alexander. Suppressed the Borgian family of Alexander, conquered their land. Made the papacy more military.
"Julius Excluded from Heaven" Satire by Erasmus about Pope Julius trying to get into Heaven
"Second" Holy League 1511. Julius, Ferdinand of Aragon, Venice, Emperor Maximilian I, Switzerland. Created by Julius II to clear France from Italy.
Francis I ruled 1515-1547. Successor to Louis. Invaded Italy a third time, starting in 1515.
Niccolo Machiavelli 1469-1527. Italian humanist who suggested ways to protect Italy's independence and success.
Created by: Cianci