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Cianci - Dalessandro

England during Mary I and Elizabeth I's reign

Lady Jane Grey attempted to be put in place of Mary Tudor as Edward VI's successor, removed from throne and executed.
Mary I Catholic ruler who married Philip II of Spain, highly against Protestants.
During Mary's reign, Parliament... repealed the Protestant statutes of Edward and reverted to the Catholic religious practices of Henry VIII.
Great Protestant leaders of the Edwardian Age were executed for heresy under Mary I.
Many Protestants were... executed or fled the continent during Mary's reign.
Elizabeth I Mary's successor and half sister. Had much success in both domestic and foreign policies. Politique.
Between 1559 and 1603 Elizabeth and her adviser, Sir William Cecil, guided a religious settlement that prevented religious differences from tearing England apart.
1559 an Act of Supremacy was passed, repealing all the anti-Protestant legislation of Mary, and asserting Elizabeth's right as "supreme governor" over spiritual and temporal affairs.
Act of Uniformity every English parish mandated to have a revised version of the second Book of Common Prayer.
Thirty-Nine Articles (1563) made a moderate Protestantism the official religion of the Church of England.
Mary, Queen of Scots had a more legitimate claim to the English throne, plotted against Elizabeth, was executed.
1567 Spanish duke of Alba moves his army into the Netherlands, seemed to be a staging area for Spanish invasion of England.
Pope Pius V favored military conquest of Protestant England, excommunicated Elizabeth.
1570's John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake begin preying of Spanish ships shipping to the Americas.
1588 Spain sends the Armada to England, later defeated by English and Netherlands' ships with the help of the "English wind."
March 23, 1603 Elizabeth I dies, leaving behind a strong nation ready to expand into a global empire.
Created by: Cianci