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Cianci - Dalessandro

Hundred Years War

The Hundred Years War lasted from May 1337 until October 1453.
Edward III English king who asserted a claim to the French throne.
French Weaknesses internal disunity, lack of war funds, territorial divisions.
1340 Flemish cities revolt against the French and acknowledged Edward as the king of France.
1346 Edward attacks Normandy and seizes the port of Calais.
1356 England captures the French king, John II the Good.
Jacquerie series of bloody rebellions by French peasants due to increasing taxes and forced labor on war-damaged properties
Peace of Bretigny-Calais (May 9, 1360) declared an end to Edward's vassalage to the king of France
June 1381 England had its own version of the Jacquerie, leaving the country divided.
The Treaty of Troyes (1420) disinherited the legitimate heir to the French throne and named Henry V the successor to the French king.
Henry VI of England named king of both France and England.
Joan of Arc peasant that declared that she was sent by God to besiege Orleans from the English. After her execution, she was named a saint.
1435 duke of Burgundy made peace with Charles, allowing France to force the English back.
Charles VII son of Charles VI who ignored the Treaty of Troyes.
French victories due to... awakened French nationalism by Joan of Arc.
1453 (end of the war) England only held their coastal enclave of Calais.
Created by: Cianci