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Cianci - Mikula

Revival of Monarchy

Political events that helped France politically in 15th century Collaspe of English Empire in France after Hundreds Years' War and the defeat of Charles the Bold and his Duchy of Burgandy
Louis XI after defeat of Charles the Bold, he divided land between him and Habsburg emperor Maximillian I
Louis XI succesfully harnessed nobility, expanded trade and industry, created national postal system, and established lucrative silk industry
Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragron Christianized all of Spain,secured borders, conquered the Moors between 1482-1492,
Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragron completely controlled the church, started Inquistion, and promoted overseas exploration, expanding their borders
War of Roses 1455-1485 civil war in England between House of York and House of Lancaster, in 1461, Edward IV, son of the Duke of York, defeated Henry VI
Struggle for English Throne Lancasterian Henry VII, a Tudor, defeated Richard III, in August 1485, and started Tudor Dyansty. Henry took over nobility by confiscating land from them.
Golden Bull in 1356 established a seven member electoral college
Germany divided in 15th century 360 autonomous political entities, so one emperor gave the empire a single ruler in law if not in fact
Reichstag an imperial diet made to control the incesant fueding and in assembly in Worms in 1495, members won from Maximillian I an imperial ba on private warfare
Holy Roman empire later reforms failed and German princes ruled their own domain
Elements of New Monarchies control over the nobility by taking land or supressing them and the complete control over church
Created by: Cianci