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OGT Vocab#3

The production of ammonia compounds during the nitrogen cycle is... Ammonification
The disintegration of an element by Beta emission is... Beta decay
What is the transformation of a single cell into different types of cells? Cell differentiation
The level of classification which groups similar orders is... A class
The protection and wise use of natural resources to preserve the environment is... Conversation
The qualitative and quantitative in formation gathered by experimentation and observation is... Data
The changes over time in which two closely related species became more and more different is... Divergent evolution
The movement of organisms out of a population is... Emigration
The process of testing a hypothesis is called... Experimentation
The force which opposes motion is called... Friction
An increase in the temperature of the Earth due to gases which trap heat is called the... Greenhouse effect
A solution in which he solute concentration is lower than inside the cell--- water tends to enter the cell is called... Hypertonic
A chemical bond formed when there is a transfer of electrons from one atom to another is called... Ionic bond
A model of growth, in which population increase until the environment's capacity is reached is called... Logistic growth
The phase of cell division during which the chromosomes line up along the cell's equator is called... Metaphase
A group of early Homosapians that are not anecstor of modern people are the... Nearderthals
The purpose of doing an experiment; the part of the microscope which manicure an object is an... Objective
The physical appearance of an organism which is determined by genes is called... Phenotype
The number of individuals in a population in a given area at a given time is called the... Population density
The techniques used to determine the absolute age of an object based on radiometry isotopes and their half-lives is called... Radiometric dating
An organism which feeds on the dead bodies of other organisms is called a... Scavenager
The quantity of different species in an ecosystem is called... Species richness
A represententation of the element by using one or two letters is called the... Symbol
An area where two lithosphereric plates are scraping past each other in opposite directions is called a... Transform boundary
The quanitity of movement based on speed and direction is called... Velocity
The gravitional pull on an object by the Earth Weight
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