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Literature from the time period 1550-1620

A solider in the Battle of Lepanto against the turks, and a deeply Catholic Spain writer was known as? Miguel De Cervantes
What was Miguel De Cervantes most famous work? Don Quixote
Where did Miguel De Cervantes write "Don Quixtoe"? Where did he write? He wrote the story in 1603 and he began to write while he was in prison.
Who was the greatest playwright in the English language during the late years of the 1600's? William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
What type of language did Shakespeare write in? He wrote in newly Anglican Church.
Who wrote the first dramatic version of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"? Thomas Kyd (1558-1594)
Between the years of 1590 and 1610 where were Shakespeare's plays performed. His plays were performed at court.
What was William Shakespeare job? By that job what did he learn more about? William Shakespeare was a schoolteacher and he gained knowledge of Renaissance Literature.
Was Shakespeare's allusions in his works towards the Puritans complimentary or critical? His allusions in his works were more critical.
What forms of English drama developed in the sixteenth seventeenth century? Some forms were classical comedies and tragedies, medieval morality plays, and comtemporary Italian short stories.
What play did Shakespeare write that was based on a ruler in England from (1483-1485) and also hid his nephews in the tower? The play was Richard III.
What did Miguel Cervantes reject? He rejected idealism.
Created by: Cianci