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the asvab

the piston starts the otto cycle in which position a)up
radio,heat and light waves are d)transverse
amplitude measures the c)distance from one wave peak to another
which device is used to measure power c)wattmeter
now count the number of decimals places in the original question 12.475 has three places, while 20.2 has two. the decimal point in your final answer will be five places from the right 25.19950. 57.8745
the area of this rhombus c)144
what is the value of thrid angle in this triangle a)36
a room measures 16.2 feet long by 8.5 feet wide what is the area a)24.7
what is the kinectic energy of a tricycle moving at 2 kiillometers per hour if it weighs 10 kilograms d)12 joules
if it takes 4 cups of sugar to make one batch of brownies that yields 24 pieces how many cups of sugar would you need to make 132 brownies d)28
sarah will be 6 on her birthday next week if max takes her out for ice cream today and he is 6 times her age how old is he d)36
conviction most nearly means b)felony
private joe can bench press 125 pounds on a 15 pound bar private jane can bench press 135 pounds on a 1o pound bar how much more can private jane press d)12
you have a box is 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet long. what is the volume a)48
mushroom and molds are part of the kingdom d)fungi
biology is the study of a)life and living organisims
an engine that uses gasoline is called an d)hydrogen engine
emergency brakes are considered a b) secondary braking device
brake shoes can be compared to which disc brake component a)brake pads
what do discs rely on to slow a vehicle d)liquid coolant
kelly purchased a book for 3.45 at a online storeshe did not have to pay sales tax but did have to pay 7.32 in shipping charges how much did her total purchase cost c)10.77
12.475x20.2 = b)251.9950
consider the following figures an objects has a mass of 50 killograms acceleration of 8 killometers per second and a speed of 20 killometers per hour using the relavent figures, calculate the amount of force needed to set this object in motion c) 800
i went back to the classroom so i could _________the pencil case i left in my desk a)recover
the spare room only had a cot and a pillow on it d)spacious
affix most nearly means c) stick
viral most nearly means a)spredable
what is negative four + positive 8 b)4
on tuesday, bill brought 89.75 worth of items from the grocery store. on wednsday he returned the 1.29 spagettiti the 2.47 of dog treats and the 5.63 value package of floor cleanner to the store after having returned the items how much money did he end up c)80.36
you buy a new phone for 185.00 and a 35% rebate check in the mail how much is for b)64.75
your monthly rent is 875.00 if it increases 200.00 for the last three months of the year, how much will you pay in rent over the course of the entire year a)1,075
if assembly line a can produce 14 boxes of chocolate per half hour and assembly line b can produce twice as much as that how many boxes can they produce together a)168
Created by: jennife
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