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Northern Renaissance

Who invented printing with movable type in the mid 1400's? Johann Gutenberg
Who was the most famous northern humanist? Erasmus
What are two things Erasmus did? He prepared short latin dialogues to teach students how to live and speak well. Also he produced a Greek edition of the New Testament of the Bible.
Who was known as the "the Father of German humanism?" Rudolf Agricola (1443-1485)
Who was Johann Reuchlin? He was Europe's Christian authority on Hebrew and Jewish learning. He wrote the first reliable Hebrew grammar, by a christian scholar.
Who was the author of Utopia? Thomas More (1478-1535)
Name two leaders of French humanism and around the mid 1400's were? Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples (1454-1536) and Guillame Bude (1468-1540)
Who was Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros? Jimenez was the confessor to Queen Isabella and he printed a Greek edition of the New Testament.
What was the center of priniting for the whole of Western Europe? The German city of Mainz
Finish this quote "Erasmus laid the egg..." That Luther hatched.
Why were the rulers in the church upset when the Printing press was developed? They were upset because scripture could be discussed now and debated since more copies were made and were written in standardized text.
Created by: Cianci