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Reproductive SystemE

Reproductive System Words

-al Pertaining to
-cele Hernia
colplo Vagina
-graphy Process of recording
gravida Pregnant
gynec/o Women Female
hem/o hemat/o Blood
hyper- Above More than
hyster- Uterus
-ic Pertaining to
lapar/o Abdominal wall
-logy Study of
mammo/o Breast
mast- Breast
men/o Menses Menstruation
metr/o Uterus Measure
muc/o Mucus
nat/o Birth
neo- New
oid Resembles
oophor- Ovary
orchi/o orchid/o Testis
-ous Pertaining to
-para To bear Bring forth
para- Beside Near
prtine/o Pernieum
-plasia Development Formation
-plasm Formation Structure
post- After Behind
pre- Before Infront of
prostat/o Prostate gland
-ptosis Droop Sag
-rrhage -rrhagia Bursting forth of blood
-rrhea Flow Discharge
salping/o Tube
-scope Instrument for examination
-scopy Visual examination
spermat/o Sperm cells
test/o Testis
-tocia Labor Birth Condition of
vagin/o Vagina
vaso- Vessel Duct vas deferens
-pexy Fixation To put in place
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