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thorax vasculature

A-- Intercostal arteries and veins

If tracing the superior or supreme intercostal artery, the order would include subclavian artery, ________________________, and then superior intercostal artery. costocervical trunk
The 3rd to 11th posterior intercostal arteries are branches of? Descending thoracic aorta
The dorsal branch that arises from the posterior intercostal artery accompanies what structure? dorsal ramus of corresponding spinal nerve
These arteries supply branches of muscles and skin of thorax, parietal plerua and breast? posterior intercostal arteries
The anterior intercostal arteries of the upper 6 intercostal spaces get there blood supply from branches of what artery ? internal thoracic artery
The anterior intercostal arteries of the lower 5 intercostal spaces get there blood supply from the branches of what artery? musculophrenic artery
This artery branches from the first part of the subclavian artery in the root of the neck. Internal thoracic artery
The internal thoracic artery descends parallel to what structure? sternum
The internal thoracic artery is anatomically related how to the parietal pleura? (anterior, posterior, lateral, medial, etc) anterior
At what level of intercostal space does the internal thoracic artery end? 6th
The internal thoracic artery, at it's termination, divides into what two arteries? superior epigastric and musculophrenic
The internal thoracic artery has one branch known as the pericardiacophrenic. What does this artery supply with blood and what structure accompanies it? pericardium, phrenic nerve
What structures are pierced by the perforating branches of the internal thoracic artery? intercostal and pertoralis muscles (close to sternum become superficial)
What artery supplies blood to the central part of anterior abdominal wall above umbilicus? superior epigastric artery
This artery follows attachement of diaphragm along costal margin, supplies diaphragm, and gives off anterior intercostal arteries for lower 5 intercostal spaces. musculophrenic artey
Posterior intercostal veins mainly drain into this on the right and what on the left? azygos, accessory hemiazygos
Internal thoracic or musculophrenic veins receive blood drained from what intercostal veins? anterior intercostal veins
The internal thoracic veins drain into __________________, corresponding to the same side. brachiocephalic vein
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