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Witmer Block 2

Chapter 13

What was the Black Death and it's consequences? -Symptoms were tumors at roots of thighs/arms -Asia, N.Africa, Europe -Flagellants used -Better living standard after -Less land needed for farming -Jump in marriage and birth rates -New colleges and universities built after
What was the Hundred Year's War? -England vs. France for land -4 phases: 123= Weakening fr. power, strengthening en. power, creation of Burgundy (allied w/ en. 4 a while) -4=reversal, en. out of fr. 4 good, en. lost war.
Who was Joan of Arc? -16 yr. peasant girl -presented @ court of Dauphin as heaven-sent savoir of France -"The maid" (virgin) -Fought bravely/was wounded in battle of Orleans (fr. won!) -Was captured/turned over to English -burned @ stake 1431 (1412-1431)
What was the Jacquerie? -Peasants weary of Free Companies and disgusted by military incompetence of nobility rose up for protest! -French Nobility called protest Jacquerie [taken from name Jacques Bonhomme (Jack Goodfellow)]
Mehmed II -determined to take Constantinople -Cannons breached city walls -He stormed through city and killed emperor (displaying emp.'s head proudly) -Marked end of Byzantine empire -Turned churches into mosques -Conquered lots bridging Euro/M.E.
What was the Great Schism? -2 popes at once -Split countries -Eventually 3 popes at once -Every European excommunicated by one pope or another -Edu. more important -Council Constance= Martin V 1/only pope -Schism=ended
What was Humanism? -Attempt to revive classical Latin (and Greek) and values that came with the languages -Individualism -Art not just for Church -Poetry, moral philosophy, grammar -Combine Christianity with appreciation of pagan past -Less about Church, more about "I"
Who was Francis Petrarch? -1st humanist -Lawyer but quit for poetry -Wrote in Italian and Latin -"Laura" -Sensitive to failings of church -Book "On the Solitary Life" -Humanism=vocation/calling
What was the Hanseatic League? -Most successful alliance -loose federation of mainly north German cities formed to protect their mutual interests in defense, trade, and art -Linked Baltic Coast with Russia, Norway, British Isles, France, and Italian cities
Who was Medici? -Dominant power in Florence -Medici Bank (handled papal finances) -Took over Florentine politics -Determined pub. office men/ made new committees -Patronage of the humanities and arts -Enemies (assassination attempts)
What was Wat Tyler's rebellion? Unfair treatment of peasants. Peasants went to plea their case to king Richard. Richard gave in to all their demands but then rebels murdered Simon Sudbury and Richard went after them. Battle. Richard took back promises. peasants back to unfair treatment.
Created by: student#9