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Cianci- Rowell

The Spanish Empire in the New World

In 1519, who landed in Mexico with about 500 men and a few horses? Hernan Cortes
What did Moctezuma believe Cortes was? The God Quetzakcoatl, who, according to legend, had been driven away centuries earlier but had promised to return.
Under what ruler did the Aztecs resist fiercely, but were finally defeated in 1521? Cuauhtemoc
In what century did the Incas began to expand rapidly, by the time of the Spanish conquest? 15th Century
Unlike the Aztecs who extracted tribute fromtheir subject peoples, the Incas did what? They compelled their subjectsto work for the state on a regular basis.
Who landed on the western coast of South Amerrica in 1532? Francisco Pizarro
Pizarro lured who into a conference and then seized him, killing hundreds of his followers in the process? Atahualpa, the Incan ruler
What year did Pizarro execute the Incan ruler? 1533
Incan resistance did not end until when? the 1570s
What events in modern history are considered the most dramatic and brutal? The conquest of Mexico and Peru
The Spanish conquests of the early 16th century marked the beginning of what? The trasformation of South Americainto Latin America,
What European disease especially aided the conquest among the Native Americans? Smallpox
Small military forces armed with what subdued in a remarkably brief time? Advanced Weapons
Created by: Cianci