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Cianci - McKinney

Counter Reformation

Theatines 1524- "to groom devout and reform-minded leaders at the higher levels of the church hierarchy".
Pope Paul IV ruled 1555-1559. Bishop Gian Pietro Carafa, co-founded Theatines
Capuchins recognized in 1528. wanted to return ideals of Saint Francis.
Ursulines 1535- made convents in Italy and France to teach religion to women
Jesuits, New order of 1530's- "Society of Jesus", grew to over 15,000 members all over the world,
Ignatius of Loyola 1491-1556. Formed the Jesuits, inspired by Christian sacrifice. Taught to submit to church authority
Spiritual Exercises by Ignatius of Loyola, mental and emotional exercises to purify the mind and soul
Council of Trent 1545-1563. Organized to reassert church doctrine and reform the Catholic church. Met in Italy, 3 sessions interrupted by war, plague, politics. Under the Pope's control.
Caspar Contarini 1483-1542. Wrote a report to Pope Paul III (1537) criticizing fiscal practices; assisted Protestant cause
Pope Paul III ruled 1534-1549. Forced to organize the Council of Trent. Appointed Caspar Contarini to lead reform commission.
Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina 1526-1594. Hymnist and musician, member of the Oratorians.
Oratorians 1575. Promoted Catholic music and literature
Created by: Cianci