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Who Am I-

European Explorers!

I am a viking set sail for Greenland First European to reach America 500 yrs before Christopher Columbus found Newfoundland Who am I? Leif Ericksson
I am a italian exploreer(1255-1294) explored China brought silk,spices,money,postal system,spaghetti,ice cream Who am I? Marco Polo
i am a spain explorer(1492) discovered the "New World" by landing in the carribeans sailed west to the indies thought fastes way to sail to india was west never knew i didnt reach india Who am I? Christopher Columbus
i am a spain explorer(1521) searched for passage to pacific ocean died in the phillippines 1st crew to circumnavigate the world(1522) Who am I? Magellan
i am a english explorer(1497) landed on coast of newfoundland gave england claim to north america Who am I? John Cabot
i am a spanish explorer(1513) claimed pacific ocean and adjoining land for spain 1st to see pacific ocean i call it the south sea Who am I? Balboa
i am a spanish explorer(1499) explored parts of north america america named in his honor mapmaker Who am I? Amerigo Vespucci
I am a spanish conquistador (1500) conquered the aztecs in mexico Who am I? Hernando Cortez
i am a spanish conquistador(1500's) conquered the inca empire of peru Who am I? Francisco Pizzaro
I am a spanish explorer(1513) 1st to land on the coast of north america called it "la Florida" looking for fountain of youth established st Augustine, Florida Who am I? Ponce De Leon
I am French explorer(1534) explored coast of canada Wo am I? Jacques Cartier
i am a french explorer(1524) explored coast of north america looking for way to asia first permenent french settlement(1600) Who am I? Giovanni da Verrazano
Created by: evilcoco12