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Med Term ASA Unit 3

aden/o gland, glandular
anti- against
ather/o fatty, porridge-like
bi/o life
carcin/o cancer (epithelial type)
-cele herniation
cephal/o head
cerebr/o cerebrum
chem/o chemical
crani/o skull
-dynia (ic) pain
emes/o vomiting
encephal/o brain
epitheli/o epithelium
fibr/o fibrous tissue
hem/angi/o blood vessel
hyper- above, abnormally high
hypo below, abnormally low
kal/o potassium
leiomy/o smooth muscle
lip/o fat
mal- bad
malac/o (ia) softening
melan/o dark pigmented, black
mening/o meninges
meta- beyond
morph/o form
muc/o mucus
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
me/o new
oid like, resembling
-oma suffix for tumor, neoplasm
papill/o finger-like projections
-pathy disease
-plasty surgical repair
sarc/o cancer (connective tissue type)
scler/o hard
ser/o serum, serous membrane
spin/o spinal
-tomy incision
-trophy development
vascul/o blood vessels
adenectomy excision of a gland
adenitis inflammation of a gland
adenoma tumor of a gland or glandular tissue
adenopathy disease condition of a gland or glandular tissue
antineoplastic agent that works against tumor growth
antitumorigenic agent that prevents tumor growth
atherosclerosis hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths
biopsy excision of live tissue for examination
carcinoma cancer of epithelial tissue
cephalagia head pain
cephalic pertaining to the head
cephalodynic pertaining to head pain
cerebral Pertaining to the cerebrum
cerebritis inflammation of the cerebrum
cerebrovascular pertaining to the cerebrum and blood vessels
chemotherapy treatment using chemicals or drugs
crainiectomy excision of part of the skull
craniomalacia softening of the skull
hypotension low blood pressure
hypertrophy overdevelopment, increase in size
histology study of tissues
herniation abnormal protrusion of an organ or other body sturcture through a defect of natural opening
glandular pertaining to a gland
electroneurodiagnostic electrical diagnostic testing of nervous system function
encephalomyelopathy disease condition of the brain and spinal cord
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
electroencephalogram tracing showing brain wave activity
cranium skull
cranioplasty surgical repair of the skull
hypotrophy underdevelopment, decrease in size
lesion wound, injury, or pathologic tissue
lipoma fatty tissue tumor
malignant bad, worsening, or leading to death
malanocarcinoma malignant (cancerous)
lymphoma lymph tissue tumor
metastasize to spread beyond its origin
vascular pertaining to the vessels
ulcer crater-like sore
sarcoma cancer of connective tissue
oncology the science that studies tumors
oncologist physician specialist in diseases involving tumors
neoplasm new growth, tumor
neonatal pertaining to newborn
mucus watery substance secreted by mucus membranes
The prefix that means the opposite of hyper Hypo
What does the suffix trophy mean Development
-graph is a suffix used to mean An instrument used to make an image
For terms about the head, use the word root: Cephal
In words about epithelial tissue origin cancers, use the combining form: Carcino
The study of abnormal growth (tumors) is known as: Oncology
Tumor like thickenings in the large blood vessels are called Atheromata
Bone cancer is classified as what type of cancer? Sarcp,a
To properly form a plural from a singular ending in -oma, as in lipoma use: mata
An abnormal tissue condition characterized by an open sore on the skin or an internal sore as in the stomach would be a(n) Ulcer
What is hypokalemia a low potassium (K+) level
The verb that indicates a tumor that spreads is? Metastasize
Medical term for dark pigmented Melan/o
Medical term for gland Aden/o
Medical term for Lymph Lymph/o
Medical term for spinal cord or bone marrow Myel/o
Medical term for epithelial-type cancer Carcin/o
Medical term for fat (body fat) Lip/o
Medical term for small elevation of tissue Papill/o
Meaning of hyperemesis Excessive vomiting
Meaning of atrophy (hypotrophy) Degeneration or wasting away
Meaning of adenectomy Excision or removal of a gland
Meaning of lymphoma tumor of a lymph gland
Meaning of adenocarcinoma Cancerous tumor of a glandular-type tissue
Meaning of lipoid Resembling (like) fat
Meaning of ulcer Lesion that is a sore
Meaning of sarcoma Cancer of connective tissue
Meaning of benign tumor that is not cancerous
Meaning of melanocyte Dark pigmented cell
Meaning of morphology Study of form and development
Meaning of oncology The study of tumors (specialty)
Meaning of mucus Secreted by the lining of the nose
Meaning of neoplasm New growth (synonym: tumor)
Meaning of cephalalgia Headache
Meaning of encephalocele Herniation of brain tissue
Meaning of craniomalacia Softening of the bones of the skull
Meaning of electroencephalography Process of recording electrical brain activity
Meaning of craniotomy Incision (cutting into) the skull
Meaning of encephalitis Inflammation of the brain
Meaning of hypertrophy Over development
Meaning of chemotherapy Treatment using chemicals or drugs
Meaning of melanoma Dark pigmented tumor
Meaning of serosa Membrane lining the closed cavities
Meaning of oncologist Specialist in the study of tumors
Meaning of craniometer instrument used to measure the skull
Meaning of encephalomalacia softening of the brain tissue
Meaning of cerebrovascular pertaining to the brain and blood vessels
Meaning of craniectomy Excision of part of the skull
Meaning of antitumorigenic agent that prevents tumor growth
Meaning of memingocele Herniation of the meninges
What is the correct medical abbreviation for basal cell carcinoma BCC
What is the correct medical abbreviation for headache HA
What is the correct medical abbreviation for metastasis met., metas, mets.
What is the correct medical abbreviation for transient ischemic attack TIA
What is the correct medical abbreviation for medical laboratory technician MLT
What is the correct medical abbreviation for millimeters of mercury mmHg
What is the correct medical abbreviation for biopsy Bx
What is the correct medical abbreviation for electroencephalography (-gram, -graph) EEG
What is the correct medical abbreviation for cancer CA
What is the correct medical abbreviation for polysomnogram (-gram, -graph, -graphy) PSG
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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