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Med Term ASA Unit 2

algia pain
blast/o immature or embryonic cell
card/i/o heart
chlor/o green
cyan/o blue
-cyte cell
derma suffix for skin
dermat/o combining form for skin
duoden/o duodenum
ech/o excision to cut out
-edem/a swollen
electr/o electricity
-emia condition in the blood
erythr/o red
eti/o origin, cause
gastr/o stomach
-gram image or picture
-graph instrument
-grapher one who makes a pictures or images
-graphy process of making images
-hist/o tissue
itis inflammation
klept/o stealing
leuk/o white
lymph/o pertaining to the lymphatic tissues
mania madness
megal/o/y enlarged, big
melan/o dark pigmented, black
meter- instrument used to measure (count)
-osis condition, increase in amount
ostomy process of making a new surgical opening
path/o disease
-pathy disease
-penia condition or less than normal amount, low count
-radi/o x-ray
son/o sound waves
techn/o technology
tome instrument used to cut slices
tom/o slices or planes
-tomy incision (cut into)
xanth/o yellow
blastocyte immature cell
cardialgia heart pain
cardiologist physician specialist in heart disease
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
cyanoderma blueness of the skin
cyanosis condition of blueness
cytologist a technologist who studies cellular disease
cytology the scoence of studying cells
cytometer instrument used to count cells
dermatology the science of studying the skin
dermatome instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue
duodenal pertaining to the duodenum
duodenotomy incision into the duodenum
duodenum first part of the small intestine
echocardiogram sonography of the heart
electrocardiogram picture (tracing) represneting the electrical activity of the heart during the cardiac cycle
electrocardiograph instrument that produces the electrocardiogram
electrocardiography process of using the electrocardiograph
erythema reddened skin
erythemia abnormally red blood
erythroblast immature red blood cell
erythrocytes red blood cells
erythrocytopenia low numbers of erythrocytes
erythrocytosis high nimbers of erythrocytes
erythroderma redness of the skin
melanoderma dark patches of skin
melanocyte pigment cell
melanoblast immature melanocyte
megalomania abnormally enlarged self-image
lymphocyte lymphatic system white blood cell
lymphatic partaining to the lymph system
leukocyte white blood cell
jaundice yellow appearance due to high billirubin level in the blood
imflammation tissue condition of redness, swelling, heat
hypodermic pertaining to below the dermis
histology the science of studying tissues
histoblast immature tissue cell
gastrostomy making a new opening in the stomach
gastromegaly enlarged stomach
gastroduodenostomy making a new opening between the stomach and duodenum
gastralgia stomach pain
pathologist physician specialist in the study of disease
pathology science of studying diseases
radiography process of producing radiograms
sonogram image of the body produced by computerized reflected sounds
thrombocytes platelets, blood clotting cell fragments
tomograph instrument that uses x-ray to produces images through planes (slices) of the body
Give the meaning for the suffix -tomy Incision
Give the meaning for the suffix -ostomy Make a new surgical opening
Give the meaning for the suffix - ectomy Excision
Give the meaning for the suffix -meter Instrument used to measure or count
Give the meaning for the suffix scope Instrument used to look
Give the meaning for the suffix -graph Imaging instrument
Give the meaning for the suffix -algia condition of pain
Give the meaning for the suffix -emia condition in the blood
Meaning for the term Leuk/o White
Meaning for the term melan/o dark pigment
Meaning for the term erythr/o red
Meaning for the term chlor/o green
Meaning for the term xanth/o yellow
Meaning for the term cyan/o blue
Medical term for inflammation of the duodenum duodenitis
Medical term for image made by a tomograph tomogram, tomograph
Medical term for the study of disease pathology
Medical term for stomach pain gastralgia
Medical term for heart specialist (physician) cardiologist
Medical term for process of making a graphic tracing of the electrical activity of the heart electrocardiography
Medical term for image made using sonography sonogram
Medical term for use of reflected sound to image the heart echocardiography
Medical term for instrument used to make x-ray images radiograph
Medical term for condition of blueness of the skin cyanoderma, dermatocyanosis
Medical term for yellow appearance due to high billirubin levels jaundice
Medical term for blood cancer involving white blood cells leukemia
Medical term for dark pigmented cell giving color to the skin melanocyte
Medical term for redness of the skin erythroderma, erythemia
Medical term for condition of greenish tinge to the blood chloremia
Medical term for process of measuring (counting cells) cytometry
Medical term for abnormally low red cell count erythrocytopenia, erythropenia
Lymphocytic _____________ is a cancer of the lymphocytes Leukemia
Medical term for immature cell blastocyte, histoblast, cytoblast
Define the medical term sonography Process of making an image made using a sonograph (ultrasound)
Define the medical term radiographer Person who takes (or makes) x-ray images
Define the medical term megalomania One with an abnormally exaggerated self image
Define the medical term histologist Specialist in tissue study
Define the medical term echocardiography Sonography of the heart (use of reflected sound)
Define the medical term Leukocytosis Abnormal increase in the number of leukocytes
Define the medical term lymphedemia Obstructed lymph vessels causing swelling
Define the medical term cardiomegaly Enlargement of the heart
Give the correct medical abbreviation for sonography DMS
Give the correct medical abbreviation for electrocardiogram EKG, ECG
Give the correct medical abbreviation for gastrointestinal GI
Give the correct medical abbreviation for erythrocyte count RBC
Give the correct medical abbreviation for registered Radiologic Technologist RT(R)
Give the meaning of the medical abbreviation MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Give the meaning of the medical abbreviation CAT (CT) Computed (computerized) axial tomography
Give the meaning of the medical abbreviation CBC Complete blood count
Give the meaning of the medical abbreviation ECHO Echocardiography (-gram, -graph)
Give the meaning of the medical abbreviation RVT Registered Vascular Technologist (Technician)
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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