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Scrambled Eggs

terms and information to know regarding eggs

Albumen The thick and thin egg white
Candling Process of grading eggs
Chalaza White cord-like substance that holds the yolk in the center ofthe egg
Emulsion A mixture that forms when you combine liquids that do no ordinarily mix
Coagulum Thickened clumps of protein
Shirred egg baked eggs
Meringues Fluffy, white mixture of beaten egg white and sugar
Weeping Layer of moisture that sometimes forms between a meringue and a pie filling
Beading Golden droplets on the surface of a meringue
How do you prevent beading and weeping? Carefully seal the meringue to the edge of the pastry
Custard A mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, and flavoring that is cooked until thickened
The dark green rings around the yolk of a boiled egg are caused by... a chemical reaction between the iron in the egg yolk and the hydrogen sulfide in the egg white that causes the harmless discoloration
How do you prevent the chemical reaction that causes the dark green ring in a boiled egg? Rapid cooling stops the egg from cooking and prevents the formation of the sulfur ring
The largest size of egg Jumbo
The smallest size of egg Peewee
Does the color of an egg shell affect the nutritive value of the egg? No
Most recipes are developed for what size egg? Large
What are the main nutritional contributions of eggs to the diet? Fat, protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, iron, cholesterol, phosphorus, and riboflavin
How long can eggs be stored in the refrigerator? 4-5 weeks
What determines the color of an egg shell? The breed of chicken
What are the 3 stages of egg foam? Foamy-bubbles and foam on the surface Soft peak- peaks bend at the tips Stiff peak- foam peaks stand up straight when you lift the beater
Do eggs separate most easily cold or room temperature? Cold
What temperature should egg whites be to obtain maximum volume? Room temperature
What happens to under-beaten eggs? Quick loss of volume
What happens to over beaten eggs? Quick loss of volume, develop too much elastisity and will break down into curds
What effect does fat have on egg foam formation? Fat will inhibit the formation of an eff foam
Do eggs absorb odors from other foods? Yes
What part of the egg contains the cholesterol? The yolk
In what ways do eggs function in recipes? Binder Emulsifier Leavening Color Texture Flavor Thickening Coating Interfering Structure Nutritional
Created by: wellsa