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Expor Med Lang - 5

LaFleur - Exploring medical Language - chapter 5

acapnia absence (less than normal level) of carbon dioxide
adenoidectomy excision of the adenoids
adenoiditis inflammation of the adenoids
adenotome surgical instrument used to cut the adenoids
airway passageway by which air enters and leaves the lungs
airway mech. device used to keep the air passageway unobstructed
alveolar pertaining to the alveolus
alveolitis inflammation of the alveoli
anoxia absence of oxygen
aphonia absence of voice
aphonic pertaining to absence of voice
apnea absence of breathing
apneic pertaining to absence of breathing
arterial blood gases test performed on arterial blood to determine levels of O2, CO2 ,and other gases
aspirate to draw foreign material into respiratory tract
aspirate to withdraw fluid or to suction
asthma respiratory disease characterized by paroxysms of coughing wheezing, and shortness of breath
atelectasis incomplete expansion
auscultation act of listening for sounds within the body through a stethoscope
auscultatory pertaining to auscultation
bronchiectasis dilation of the bronchi
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
bronchoalveolar pertaining to the bronchi and alveoli
bronchoconstrictor agent causing narrowing of the bronchi
bronchodilator agent causing the bronchi to widen
bronchogenic carcinoma cancerous tumor originating in the bronchus
bronchogram x-ray film of the bronchi
bronchography process of x-ray filming the bronchi
bronchoplasty surgical repair of a bronchus
bronchopneumonia diseased state of the bronchi and lungs
bronchoscope instrument used for visual examination of the bronchi
bronchoscopy visual examination of the bronchi
bronchospasm spasmodic contraction in the bronchi
capnometer instrument used to measure carbon dioxide
chest radiograph a radiographic image of the chest used to evaluate the lungs and the heart
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease progressive lung disease that restricts air flow
cough sudden, noisy expulsion of air from the lungs
diaphragmatic pertaining to the diaphragm
diaphragmatocele hernia of the diaphragm
dysphonia difficulty in speaking (voice)
dysphonic pertaining to difficulty in speaking (voice)
dyspnea difficult in breathing
dyspneic pertaining to difficulty in breathing
endoscope instrument used for visual exam within a hollow organ or cavity
endoscopic pertaining to visual exam of hollow organ or body cavity
endoscopy visual exam of hollow organ or body organ
endotracheal pertaining to within the windpipe
epiglottitis inflammation of the epiglottis
epistaxis nosebleed
eupnea normal breathing
hemothorax blood in the chest (pleural space)
hiccup sudden catching of breath c a spasmodic contr. of the diaphragm
hypercapnia excessive CO2 in the blood
hyperpnea excessive breathing
hyperventilation ventilation of lungs beyond normal body needs
hypocapnia deficient in carbon dioxide (in the blood)
hypopnea deficient in breathing
hypoventilation vent.of lungs, which does'nt fulfill the body's gas exchange needs
hypoxemia deficient oxygen in the blood
hypoxia deficient oxygen (to the tissues)
influenza highly infectious respiratory disease caused by a virus (flu)
intranasal pertaining to within the nose
intrapleural pertaining to within the pleura
laryngeal pertaining to the voice box
laryngectomy excision of the voice box
laryngitis inflammation of the voice box
laryngocentesis surgical puncture of voice box to aspirate fluid
laryngoplasty surgical repair of the voice box
laryngoscope instrument used for visual exam of the voice box
laryngoscopy visual exam of voice box
laryngospasm spasmodic contraction of the voice box
laryngostomy creation of an artificial opening into the voice box
laryngotracheobronchitis inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi (croup)
laryngotracheotomy incision of the voice box and windpipe
lobar pertaining to segment of the lung
lobar pneumonia diseased state of a lobe of the lung
lobectomy excision of a lobe of the lung
mucoid resembling mucus
mucopurulent containing both mucus and pus
mucous pertaining to mucus
mucus slimy fluid secreted by the mucous membranes
nasal pertaining to the nose
nasopharyngeal pertaining to the nose and throat
nasopharyngitis inflammation of the nose and throat
nebulizer device that creates a fine spray
nosocomial infection an infection acquired during hospitalizations
obstructive sleep apnea repetitive pharyngeal collapse during sleep which leads to absence of breathing
orthopnea able to breathe only in a straight (upright) position
oximeter instrument used to measure oxygen
oximetry process of measuring oxygen
pansinusitis inflammation of all sinuses
paroxysm periodic, sudden attack
patent open
peak flow meter a portable instrument used to measure how much air is quickly exhaled
percussion act of tapping of a body surface with the fingers to determine the density of the part beneath by the sound obtained
pharyngeal pertaining to the throat
pharyngitis inflammation of the throat
pleural effusion fluid in the pleural space c/b a dx process or trauma
pleuritis inflammation of the pleura
pleurocentesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid from pleural space
pleuropexy surgical fixation of the pleura
pneumohemothorax air and blood in the chest
pneumonectomy excision of a lung
pneumonia diseased state of the lung
pneumonitis inflammation of the lung
pneumothorax air in chest
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
pulmonary neoplasm new growth (tumor) in the lung
pulmonologist a physician who studies and treats disease of the lung
pulmonology study of the lung
pulse oximetry a noninvasive method of monitoring arterial blood for O2 levels
purulent containing pus
pyothorax pus in the chest
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
rhinomycosis abnormal condition of fungus in the nose
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
rhinorrhagia rapid flow of blood form the nose
rhinorrhea discharge from the nose
septoplasty surgical repair of the (nasal) septum
septotomy incision of the (nasal) septum
sinusitis inflam. of sinuses
sinusotomy incision of the sinus
spirometer instrument used to measure breathing
spirometry a measurement of breathing
sputum mucous secretion fr. the lungs, bronchi & trachea expelled thru mouth
stenosed abnormally narrowed
stethoscope an instrument used to hear internal body sounds used for performing auscultation and blood pressure measurement
tachypnea rapid breathing
thoracalgia pain in the chest
thoracic pertaining to the chest
thoracocentesis surg. puncture of chest cavity to aspirate fluid
thoracoscope instrument used for visual exam of the thorax
thoracoscopy visual examination of the thorax
thoracotomy incision of the chest cavity
tonsillectomy excision of the tonsils
tonsillitis inflammation of the tonsils
tonsillotomy incision into the tonsil
tracheitis inflammation of the windpipe
tracheoplasty surgical repair of the windpipe
tracheostenosis narrowing of the windpipe
tracheostomy creation of an artificial opening into the windpipe
tracheotomy incision of the trachea
upper respiratory infection infection of the nasal cavity, pharyns, or larynx
ventilator mechanical device used to asst with or substitute for breathing when pt. can't
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