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epidermis thin outer layer, non living cells
basement membrane base layer of epidermal layer
suboriferous glands sweat glands
sebaceous glands oil glands
adip/o fat
lip/o fat
cutane/o skin
derm/o skin
dermat/o skin
dermat/o skin
cyt/o cell
eti/o cause
hid/o sweat
hydr/o water
idi/o unknown, peculiar
kerat/o keratinized tissue, cornea
morph/o shape
myc/o fungus
necr/o dead
onych/o nail
path/o disease
pil/o hair
trich/o hair
rhytid/o wrinkle
scler/o hardening, sclera
seb/o sebum
son/o sound
xer/o dry
albin/o white
leuk/o white
chromat/o color
cirrh/o yellow
xanth/o yellow
cyan/o blue
erythem/o red
erythr/o red
melan/o black
BCC basal cell carcinoma
Bx biopsy
C&S culture and sensitivity
FH family history
Hx history
I&D incision and drainage
ID intradermal (injection)
IV intravenous
OTC over-the-counter
PE physical examination
SubQ, Sub-Q subcutaneous
Sx symptom(s)
Tx treatment
ung ointment
cephal/o head
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebr/o brain
encephal/o brain
gangli/o ganglion
gil/o glue, gluelike
lex/o word, phrase
mening/o meninges
menigi/o meninges
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
narc/o sleep, stupor
neur/o nerve
phas/o speech
psych/o mind
radicul/o nerve root
spin/o spine
sthen/o strength
thalam/o thalamus
ton/o tension, tone
ventricul/o ventricle
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