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Peds Randoms

1 Gm/tsp 1/4
15 Gm/tbsp/tsp 1,3
30 Gm/oz/tbsp 1oz/2tbsp
1 kg/lb 2.2
1 mL/gtt 15
5 mL/tsp 1
15 mL/tbsp/tsp 1tbsp/3tsp
30 mL/oz/tbsp 1oz/2 tbsp
500 mL/pt/cups 1pt/2 cups
1000 mL/cups/qt 4 cups/ 1qt
2.5cm/in 1
1 m/in 39.37
aa of each
ac before meals
ad up to
ad lib as much as needed
agit shake, stir
a, ante before
aq water
Ba barium
bid, BID twice a day
BSA body surface area
/c with
contra against
DAW dispense as written
DC, Disc discontinue
Fe iron
garg gargle
gt/gtts drop/drops
hs bedtime or hour of sleep
K potassium
M mix
non rep do not repeat
NPO nothing by mouth
OS left eye
OD right eye
OU each/both eyes
p after
pc after meals
po by mouth
pulv powder
qh every hour
q (2,3,4) h every, 2,3,4, hours
qid 4 times a day
q m every morning
qns quantity not sufficient
qs quantity sufficient
rep let it be repeated
/s without
sig, S write on label, give directions
ss one-half
tid, TID 3 times a day
ung ointment
w/o without
CC chief complaint
c.o complains of
DPT diphtheria,pertussis,tetanus
dx, Dx diagnosis
EENT eye,ear,nose,throat
FBS fasting blood sugar
FH family history
Fx fracture
GB gall bladder
HCL hydrochloric acid
Hgb hemoglobin
HPI history present illness
Hx history
I&D incision and drainage
I&O intake and output
IT inhalation therapy
k potassium
KUB kidney,ureter,bladder
lat lateral
LLQ left lower quadrant
LMP last menstual period
LUQ left upper quadrant
NB newborn
KNA no known allergies
N&V nausea and vomiting
O pint
PKU phenylketonuria
pro time prothrombin time
pulv powder
Px physical exam
R/O rule out
ROM range of motion
ROS review of system
SOB shortness of breath
solv dissolve
sp. gr. specific gravity
T temperature
T&A tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
URI upper respiratory infection
VS vital signs
WNL within normal limits
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