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Integumentary System

Hair and Nails

pili (hair) -L- flexible strands produced by ahir follicles. consist of dead keratinized cells. - functions as protection, sensation and warmth
shaft region of hair which projects from skin. determines if hair is curly or straight
root region of hair that is embedded in skin
hair layers medulla, cortex and cuticle
medulla central core of hair, has large cells and air spaces
cortex (hair) -L- bulky layer that surrounds medulla,- is pigmented. - has several layers of flattened cells
cuticle -L- outermost layer of hair, has a single row of cells that overlap. most heavily keratinized part of the hair which provides strength
hair pigment made by melanocytes at the base of hair follicle. different colors come from different portions of melanins
hair follicle surrounds the hairs. located in the epidermis down to the dermis -
hair bulb deep end of hair follicle with hair follicle receptors wrapped around
hair follicle receptor AKA root hair plexus
hair follicle receptor wraps around hair bulbs, receptor that is stimulated when the hair is bent
hair papilla -L- dermal tissue that protrudes into the hair bulb. has capillaries that supplies nutrients to growing and and signals hair to grow
wall of hair follicle (laterial to medial) connective tissue root sheath, glassy membrane, external epithelial root sheath, internale epithelial root sheath
hair matrix cells -L- epithelial cells at base of the follicle that divide to produce new hair
hair bulge where cells of the hair matrix originate
arrector pilli -L- bundle of smooth muscle cells that can pull hair follicle into an upright position and dimple skin surface in response to cold temperatures or fear
vellus hair body hair that is fine and pale, found on children and adult women
terminal hair coarser, longer hair of the eyebrows and scalp
hirsutism excessive hairiness
alopecia hair thinning, when hairs are not replaced as fast as they shed
male pattern baldness genetically determined, follicle growth cycles become so short that the hairs never emerge from follicles before shedding
nail -L- scalelike modification of the epidermis that forms a clear protective covering over finger/toe. contains hard keratin
regions of nail(distal to proximal) -L- free edge, body, root
nail bed -L- the epidermis below the nail body
nail matrix -L- thickest proximal portion of nail bed that is responsible for nail growth
lunula -L- region that lies over the nail matrix that appears as a white crescent
nail folds skin folds that are overlapping the sides and proximal portion of nail
cuticle (nail) -L- proximal nail fold that projects onto the nail body
hyponychium region beneath the free edge of nail (where dirt accumulates)
hair follicle components external root sheeth (derived from dermis) - glassy (basement) membrane. - internale root sheath, derived from the epidermis
Created by: karin.thompson