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Integumentary System


skin appendages nails, sweat gland, sebaceous glands, hair and hair follicles
sudoriferous glands -L- aka sweat glands - includes eccrine and apocrine glands
Eccrine sweat gland (merocrine) -L- found everywhere except nipples and genitals, abundant on palms, soles of feet and forehead. simple, coiled tubular gland. the gland lies coiled in the dermis and the duct extends skin surface. secretion is sweat
sweat -L- regulated by autonomic nervous system. used for theroregulation. - contains water, salt, metabolic wastes and dermiciden. produced by eccrine gland
dermicidin microbe killing antibodies found in sweat
apocrine sweat gland -L- found in axillary and anogenital areas. larger than eccrine gland and their ducts empty into hair follicles. secretion is sweat plus fatty substances and proteins. function is unclear
apocrine sweat gland activated by sympathetic nerve fibers during pain and stress
ceruminous gland modified apocrine glands found in external ear canal. secrete cerumen (ear wax)
sebaceous glands -L- AKA oil gland, simpled alveolar glands found all over body except on palms and soles.- -usually but not always attached to hair follicles. - halocrine: secrete sebum
sebum -L- oily acidic mixture of cholesterol, fats and lysozyme that softens skin and hair, reduced water loss and in antibacterial
sebaceous glands holocrine glands (burst), stimulated by hormones, especially androgens
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