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Glossary Case # 10

Hillcrest Transcription, Case # 10 The respiratory system

ablation to separate, detach, or remove an organ or tissue, especially by surgical means
anesthetize to put under the influence fo anesthetics- drugs or agents used to abolish the sensation of pain
aorta the main trunk of the arterial system, conveying blood from the heart
benzoin a topical antiseptic, generic
brochodilator stretching or expanding the air passages of the lungs or a medicinal agent that produces such results
brochopleural pertaining to a brochus and the pleura
cannula a tube for insertion into a duct or cavity
catheter a tubular, flexible instrument (metal or rubber) for either withdrawing fluids or intruducing fluids into a body cavity or vessel
ciprofloxacin generic name for a broad-spectrum antibiotic
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
decubitus the position assumed in lying down (decubitus position, decutitus ulcers)
emergent pertaining to an emergency
emphysema a phathologic accumulation of air in tissues or organs, which causes abnormal swelling of body tissues.
fistula an abnormal passageway (often created by a surgical prodecure) ussually beteween two internal organs or leading from an internal organ to the surface of the body. e.g. colostomy
hemithorax one side of the chest
hemostat a small surgical clamp for contrictin a blood vessel
HJR hepatojugular reflux (a GI term)
hyperension pesistently high arterial blood pressure
ichthyosis dryness and fishlike scaling of the skin
loculate divided into loculi (cavities)
loculus a small space or cavity (pl. loculi)
marked noticeable; to an extreme
PCO2 partial pressure (or tension) of carbon dioxide or CO2 (done on blood gas studies
percutaneous performed through the skin
pH hydrogen ion concentration in urine. blood, and other body fluids (neutra=7.00; more than 7.00 is alkaline; less thatn 7.00 is acidic) Note: always pH, even at beginning of sentece.
Pleur-Evac system (suction or tube) thoracic drainage system (equipment), trade name
pleurodesis the production of adhesions between the parietal and the visceral pleura
PO2 partial pressure (tension) of oxygen or 02 (a blood gas term)
portable chest medical jargon pertaining to the equipment used and the process of obtaining a chest x-ray outside of the radiology department
Proventil bronchodilator (trade name)
Pseudomona aeruginosa the type of bacterial species of the genus, and the only one pathogenic for humans, made up of micrrorganisms that produce the blue-green pigment that gives the color to "blue pus" observed in certain suppurative infections
radiograph film produced by radiography, commonly called an x-ray
resolution the subsidence or disappearance of a pathologic condition
Rocephin antibiotic (trade name)
sclerotherapy treatment involving the injection of a sclerosing or hardening solution into vessels or tissues
stat abbreviation for [L] statim (immediately); largely misused, it is meant to convey a life or death emergency
Streptococcus bacteria growing in chains found in human mouth and intesine; sometimes they can cause disease
subtherapeutic a less thatn therapeutic level, usually referring to the blood levle of a particular drug or medication
tachycardia fast hear rate
Tho-Dur theophyline, a bronchodilator used in patients with asthma or COPD (trade name)
theophylline a smooth muscle relaxant, used chefly for its brochodilator effect
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