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wordLesson 2

french words

beurre burr butter
oeuf erf egg
oeufs poches er-pho-shay poached eggs
omelette um-let omelet
pain pa(n) bread
quiche keesh open-faced egg and cream pie
Florentine flor-on-teen baked with spinach and cheese
gratin grah-ta(n) topped with cheese
Brie de Meaux bree duh moh soft, creamy cheese with white rind origin-NE of Paris (Cow's Milk)
Camembert kah-mon-behr soft, creamy cheese with white rind origin- Normandy (NW of Paris) cow's milk
chevre shev-ruh goat cheese
Fourme d'Ambert foorm dahm behr mild creamy blue cow's milk cheese
munster muhn-ster cow's milk cheese from Alsace
Roquefort rohk-for blue-veined sheep's milk cheese
yaourt yah-oort yogurt
Created by: babygirl2010