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mibc 02/26/07

study of interaction of drugs and subcellular entities such as enzymes and DNA is called molecular pharmacology
Finding proper antidotes to the harmful effects of drugs is part of the specialty of toxicology
which of the following is drug generic name ampicillin
which agency holds the legal responsibility for deciding whether a drug may be distributed and sold FDA
The comination of two drugs can cause an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects of each synergism
suppositories are inserted rectal administrtion
drugs are swallowed and absorbed through the intestinal tract oral
drugs are injected through a syringe into a muscle,vien,or body cavity parenteral administered
aerosols are administered in this way inhalation
drugs are applied on the skin topical
what is anaphylaxis a type of hypersensitivity reaction
drug that block release of a substance that causes allergic reactions are called antihistamine
morphine anagesic drug
beta-blocker cardiovascular
heparin anticoagulant drug
estrogen endocrine drug
amphetamine and caffine stimulant drug
what is the diuretic lowers blood pressure by promoting fluid excertion from the kidney
penicillin is an example of which type of drug antibiotic
a drug that works agianst fever antipyretic
When time is calculated for anesthesia services, the time begins when the anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient to recieve anesthesia
What type of nurse can administer anesthesia under the direction of a anesthesiologist CRNA
Modifiers may effect code selection
modifers are used to indicate what type of information bilateral,mutipleor service greater than usaul
concurrent care modifiers are used to describe number of cases an anesthesiologist is performing or supervising at one time
modifer -57,decisin for surgery,is used on what type of service E/M
modifier _79 ,unrelaed procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperstive period surgery
Modifier -51 multiple procedure is used on what type of services E/M,Surgery,anesthesia
Modifier -80 ,Assistant Surgeon, is used when a second surgeon provides assistance to the primary
modifier -32 is used to indicate a service is mandated,which is an example of mandate an insurance company requires a second opinion
Created by: Dixon