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Integ. System Ch. 3

Integumentary System (not sure what textbook)

epidermis outer layer of the skin
keratin horny or cornified layer, composed of protein. It is contained in the hair, skin, and nails.
melanin color, or pigmentation, of the skin
dermis (true skin) inner layer of skin
sweat glands (sudoriferous glands) tiny, coiled, tubular structures that emerge through pores on the skin's surface.
sebaceous glands secrete sebum (oil) into the hair follicles where the hair shafts pass through the dermis.
hair compressed, keratinized cells that arise from hair follicles; the sacs that enclose the hair fibers
nails originate in the epidermis. Nails are found on the upper surface of the ends of the fingers and toes. The white area of the base of the nail is called the lunula, or moon.
cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o skin
hidr/o sweat
kerat/o horny tissue, hard
onych/o, ungu/o nail
seb/o sebum (oil)
trich/o hair
aden/o gland
aut/o self
bi/o life
coni/o dust
crypt/o hidden
fibr/o fibrous tissue, fibers
heter/o other
myc/o fungus
necr/o death (cells, body)
pachy/o thick
rhytid/o wrinkles
staphyl/o grapelike cluster
strept/o twisted chains
xer/o dry
-coccus berry-shaped (form of bacterium)
-ectomy excision or surgical removal
-ia diseased or abnormal state, condition of
-itis inflammation
-malacia softening
-opsy to view
-orrhea flow, excessive discharge
-phagia eating or swallowing
-plasty plastic or surgical repair
-tome instrument used to cut
epi- on, upon, over
intra- within
para- beside, beyond, around
per- through
sub- under, below
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