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3E051 Set C Book 4

Which listed measurement determines the length of a screwdriver? Length of the shank
The most versatile vise an electrician uses is the utility vise
Which tool cuts holes and grooves in lumber? wood chisel
Which bit drills holes in wood and metal? twist bit
On what type of conduit do you use a reamer? Rigid metal conduit
The spade bit we sometimes refer to as a speed bit
What tool do you use to cut openings in finished walls saber saw
What is the largest AWG size electrical wire? 4/0
The thousand circular mills (kcmil) size range for conductors is 250 to 2,000
What do the letters THW marked on an electrical conductor indicate? Heat and moisture resistant thermoplastic
What is the procedure we use to connect boxes together to permit more than one device to be mounted with a single cover plate? Ganging
What is the purpose of a raised box cover? provides added interior space as well as a cover for the box
Which condition below is not allowed? using flexible metal tubing in lengths greater then 6 feet
Which ratings are always found on switches? amperes and volts
What is the maximum distance from a floor or a working platform that you can install switch and circuit breaker handles? 79 inches
What ratings are found on receptacles? volts and amperes
Which classification of light directs from 40 to 60 percent of its light upward above the area to be lighted? general diffusing
Which classification of light fixtures directs all its light so that the entire ceiling and upper side walls become the light source? indirect
Incandescent lamps have efficiencies ranging from 6 to 24 lumens per watt
What is the diameter of a T8 lamp? 8/8 inch
How many electrical contacts do Instant Start lamps require? two
What frequency should you expect to find in electronic ballasts used in fluorescent lighting systems? 25,000 to 40,000 Hz
What is the disadvantage of high intensity discharge lamps? re-strike time
Which characteristic is associated witha a mercury vapor lamp near the end of its useful life? Reduced light output
The efficiency range of a lamp is measured in lumens per watt
What color light is associated with sodium lamps? golden
What significant hazard is associated with the low-pressure sodium lamp? Explosive reaction if sodium comes in contact with water.
How many conductors are required for a 3-phase-wye service enterance used for power and lighting? 3 ungrounded and one grounded neutral conductors
which one of these voltage systems has one phase to neutral voltage that is higher than other phases to neutral? 4 wire, 3-phase delta
The purpose of a transformer core is to provide a magnetic path
The transformer loss caused by demagnitizing and remagnetizing of the core is hystersis
The insulation value of transformer coils, bushings, and oil determines the voltage rating of the transformer
To provide 120/240 single-phase voltage to the user, the secondary transformer windings are connected in series
Only one voltage exists in a delta system, and it is a 3-phase, 3-wire configuration
When you make a delta-delta connection for lights and power, there is one unusable voltage from A phase to neutral
One important function of the fuse link enclosure is to help contain the arc that accompanies a blown fuse
With the enclosed type of fused cutout, you put the fuse into the circuit by closing the cutout door
What is the minimum clearance for a service drop over a public street? 18 feet
Power operated service disconnects are required to be designed so that they can be opened manually
Why are service enterance conductors usually larger than the service drop conductors? Free air permits greater amperage on service drop conductors
Where do you place the weatherhead in reference to the point of attachment of the service drop conductors? higher
Two ways to keep from entering service enterance (SE) cable are to use a weatherhead or a gooseneck
An undergraound distribution system we refer to as a service lateral
Underground services installed with cable must be buried to a depth of at least 24 inches
In a panel with a neutral, what is the smallest percentage of the overcurrent devices that must be rated at 30 amperes of less for it to be classed as a lighting and appliance panel? 10 percent
Fuse panels are designed for plug fuses, cartridge fuses, or knife-blade fuses
When istalling a panelboard in a damp location, what is the minimum distance you must place the cabinet from the wall? 1/4 inch
The equipment ground bar and neutral bar are bonded together in a panel only when the panelboard also serves as the service entrance equipment
The conductors between the final overcurrent devices and the outlet for connecting electrical equipment we call branch circuit conductors
A feeder is made up of the wires to a sub-panel
What is the cycles per second (Hertz) rating for most electrical equipment found in foreign countries? 50
In Europe the most common voltages are 220-380
Which part of a set of blueprints indicates the route of the service entrance? plot plan
Which electrical diagram does not show the relative position of the parts of the system? schematic diagram
Floor plans of a blueprint do not show wiring connections
The normal color code for wiring a device is black to gold terminal, white to silver
What is the general lighting load of an office building with 1,600 square feet of living area? 5,600 Watts
What factor considers that not all lights and receptacles are to be used at the same time? demand factor
What is the total wattage of 9 ballasts rated at 1.5 amps each and fed by 277 volts? 3,739 Watts
Heavy-duty lamp-holder outlets are calculated at 600 volt-amperes
What is the required wattage for lighting of an industrial commercial (loft) building measuring 60 by 100 feet? 12,000 watts
The code letter on a motor data plate identifies the locked-rotor current draw of the motor
Ampere capacity of branch-circuit conductors feeding a continuous duty rated motor must be not less than 125 percent of the motor's FLC
To determine the total calculated load of a sub-panel, add all the amperes of the branch circuits plus what percent of the amperage of the largest motor? 25 percent
How many current carrying conductors can be installed in raceway before the current capacity of the conductors must be derated? 3
What is the volume of space needed in cubic inches for No. 12 conductor? 2.25 cubic inches
A quick, easy method of mounting boxes to metal studs is to use spring metal clips
What is the most popular height for receptacle outlet boxes in the living areas of a house from the floorline to the center of the box? 12 inches
Nonmetallic cable with aluminum conductors ranges in size from No. 12 to No. 2 AWG
Nonmetallic corrosion resistant cable, but not metallic sheathed cable, more commonly called nonmetallic cable, can be used in corrosive locations
Nonmetallic corrosion resistant cable No.8 AWG, or larger, may be held in place by EMT straps on smooth walls where the cable is exposed
One layer of plastic tape can insulate against a voltage of 600 volts
In addition to the splices required, you must make grounding connections to the boxes used in a circuit to ensure that they are grounded
The maximum weight of a fixture that can be supported by an outlet box is 50 pounds
What is the taper per foot required for a standard conduit-cutting die used on rigid metal conduit? 3/4 inch
Two adjacent 90 degree bends in the same piece of conduit make up a back-to-back bend
When a number of conduit runs are to be installed parallel and adjacent to each other, install the conduit all at the same time
Which tool makes a good handle for pulling a fish tape? side cutting pliers
The number of conductors you can put in conduit is based on the size of the conduit, conductor size, and conductor insulation
Which material do you use for a circuit extension when appearance is an important factor? surface raceway
Heat created by loose connections cause an increase in amperage
Grounds or short circuits can be solid, partial and floating
The basic factor to consider in choosing continuity testing equipment is to use low-voltage instruments to reduce the danger of sparking.
When you are checking a 3-phase panel with a voltmeter which phase indicated a "blown" fuse to you? Use these readings: A-B 120 Volts, C-B 120 Volts, A-C 208 Volts B
A short circuit exists when there is a connection between two wires or conductors of different potential
Created by: melissafish
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