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Jewish Ghetto Vocab

fenced off or bricked in areas of a city where Jews were confined prior to deportation to death camps ghettos
the means of sustaining life; nourishment sustenance
the chemical agent Nazis used to gas Jews during WW II Zyklon B
the government of France that collaborated with the Nazis Vichy Government
living space lebenstraum
the chief religious official in a synagogue Rabbi
a building in which corpses are cremated (burned) crematorium
present within a localized area or specific to a specific group of people endemic
charmingly simple and picturesque idyllic
emperor or tyrant; comes from the word Caesar Czar
a small Jewish community or village in eastern Europe shtetl
the act of putting in prison or another enclosure incarceration
a highly infectious disease transmitted by fleas or lice; characterized by rash, high fever, delirium, severe headache, & depression typhus
a Jewish governing group operating in ghettos and responsible for health, sanitation, and assigning people to work forces Judenrat
Created by: ritaephillips