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A&P-Chapter 6

Which type of cartilage is most pleantiful in the adult body? Hyline cartilage
What two body structures contain flexible elastic cartilage? The epiglottis and external ear cartilage
Cartilage grows by interstitial growth. What does this mean? Interstitial growth is growth from within
What are the components of the axial skeleton? The skull, vertebral column, and the thoracic cage
Contrast the general function of the azial skeleton to that of the appendicular skeleton. Axial skeleton-establish the long axis of the body & protect the structure it encloses. Appendicular- allow us mobility for propulsion & manipulatrion of our environment
What bone class doe the ribs and skull bones fall into? Flat Bones
What is the functional relationship between skeletal muscles and bones? Skeletal muscles use bones as levers to cause movement of the body and its parts.
What two types of substances are stored in bone matrix? Minerals and growth factors
What are two fuctions of a bone's marrow cavities? Serve as sites for blood cell formation and fat storage
Are crests, tubercles, and spines bony projectinos or concavities? Bony projections
How does the structure of compact bone differ from that of spongy bone when viewed with the naked eye? Compact bone looks fairly solid and homogeneous and spongy bones have an open network of bone spicules
What membrane lines the internal canals and covers the trabeculae of a bone? Endosteum
Which component of bone-organic or inorganic-makes it hard? Inorganic
What name is given to a cell that has a ruffled border and acts to break down bone marrow? Osteoclast
Bones don't begin as bones. What do they begin as? fibrous membranes or hyaline cartilages
When describing endochondral ossification, some say "bone chases cartilage." What does that mean? The cartilage model grows. then breaks down and is replaced by bone.
Where is the primary ossification center located in a long bone? Where is (are) the secondary osssification center(s) located? The primary ossification center in a long bone is inthe center of the shaft. The secondary are in the epiphyses (bone ends)
As a long bone grows in length, what is happening in the hypertrophic zone of the epiphyseal plate? Chondrocytes are enlarging and their lacunae are breaking down and leaving holes in the cartilage matrix
If osteoclasts in a long bone are more active than osteoblasts, what chage in bone mass is likely? If bone destroying cells (osteoclasts) are more active than bone forming cells (osteoblasts) bone mass will decrease
Which stimulus-PTH(a hormone) or mechanical forces acting on the skeleton-is more important in maintaining homeostatic blood calcium levels? Homromonal stumulus
How does an open fracture differ from a closed fracture? In an open fracture the bone ends are exposed to the external environment (skin is broken) and a closed fracute they do not penetrate the skin
How doe bone growth and bone remodeling differ? Bone growth increases bone mass. Bone remodeling follows bone growth to maintain the proper proportions of the bone considering stresses placed upon it
Which bone disorder is characterized by excessive deposit of weak, poorly mineralized bone? Paget's disease
What are three measures that may help to maintain healthy bone density Sufficient vitamin D, calcium, and weight bearing activity
What name is given to adult rickets? Osteomalacia
What is the status of bone structure at birth? most bones are formed and well ossified, two areas of hyaline cartilage remain in the epiphyseal plates and covering the bone ends
The decrease in bone mass that begins with the forth decade of life affects nearly all bones. What are the exceptions? Skull bones do not appear to lose mass with aging
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