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acquisitive able to get/retain ideas or info; concerned with acquiring wealth/property
belabor to work excessively; to overwork
insatiable so great cannot be satisfied
eschew to avoid, shun,or forgo
invidious offensive, hateful,or malicious
germane relevant
substantiate to be able to prove or verify
reconnaissance scouting expedition
arrogate to claim without right
taciturn habitually silent, reserved, or uncommunicative
myopic nearsighted; lacking foresight
overt open; expressed or revealed in a way that is easily recognized
pejorative tending to make worse; expressing disapproval
propriety appropriate to what is sociably acceptable
sacrilege violation of something sacred
summarily without delay
suppliant asking humbly
talisman an amulet that has scared powers
undulate to move in a wave like manner
accost to confront in an aggressive way
animadversion comment showing strong disapproval or critism
avid intensely eager
brackish salty taste
celerity swiftness or rapidity of motion
gambit a move that involves sacrifice in order to gain a later advantage
halcyon legendary bird
histrionic pertaining to actors and their techniques
incendiary tending to stir up rebellion
maelstrom whirlpool of great size and violence
articulate to express clearly
cavort to romp or prance around
credence belief or mental acceptance
decry to express strong disapproval of
dissemble to disguise or conceal
distraught very agitated as a result of an emotional or mental conflict
eulogy a formal statement of high praise
evince to display clearly
exhume to remove from the grave or bring to the light
feckless lacking in spirit, strength, or desire
murky lacking in clarity
nefarious wicked
piquant stimulating to the taste or mind
primordial old
propinquity nearness in time or place
unwonted not usual or expected
utopian ideal world
verbiage language that is too wordy
verdan green in tint or color
viscous gummy or gluey
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