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GAMMA PHASE This is the silver alloy phase. This is the STRONGEST phase and has the least corrosion.
GAMMA-1 PHASE This consists of mercury reacting with the silver. It is also strong and corrosion resistant, although not as resistant as the Gamma Phase.
GAMMA-2 PHASE This consists of the reaction with mercury and tin. This is the WEAKEST phase and corrodes readily. This phase is eliminated with high copper alloys.
What phase is eliminated with high copper alloys? GAMMA-2 PHASE
What material is used to control the rate of set of amalgam? Tin.
What materials dissolve into and absorb Mercury until the solution becomes saturated? How long does this process take? Silver and Tin. 24 hours
What type of amalgams have much more corrosion because of the chemical reaction of tin and mercury? LOW COPPER AMALGAMS
What type of amalgam has no GAMMA-2 PHASE? HIGH COPPER AMALGAMS, which is why they are superior in performance
What factors contribute to dimensional changes? *ratio of mercury to alloy *Compostion of alloy particles *Salivary/moisture contamination while manipulation and insertion *perspiration on fingers contribute to moisture if amalgam is touched
Hom much Cu is in a low copper alloy? Less than 5% Cu
How much Cu is in a High Copper Alloy? More than 12% Cu, superior to low Cu.
What results from undertrituration? Low strength.
Define Creep Gradual dimensional change of amalgam caused by compression from occlusion
Lower Creep Better marginal integrity
When does setting time of amalgam begin? At trituration
Define Percolation Movement of fluid in a microscopic open margin between tooth and restoration caused by constant thermal changes. Causes irritation to pulp and recurrent decay.
Scales commonly used to determine hardness of a material: Moh's scale, Brinnel and Knoop
When bonding what is considered a wetting agent for the preparation? Etch
bis-GMA most commonly used resin for composites as well as sealants. Also known as the MONOMER of the mixture.
Over manipulation of sealants creates... air bubbles
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