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bio med terms d-i

de down
demi half
den, denti tooth
dendro tree
derma skin
desmo band
dia cross
dis apart
diure pass through
dorsi back
duc to carry
dys bad
e out
eal pertaining to
ecto outside
ef out of
el, elle small
electro electricity
em in, within
emesi vomiting
emia blood condition
en in, into
encephalo brain
enchymo poured in
endo within, into
entero gut
epi upon
ergo work
erythro red
esthesio sensation
eu good
exo out
facili easy
fasci band
fenestr window
fer to carry
ferri iron
fibro fiber
fili thread
flagello whip
foli leaf
form shape
fove pit, depression
funiculo little rope
fusi spindle
gamo marriage
gastro belly
gen, genic producing
genio chin
germi sprout
gero old age
gesto to bear
glia glue
globu ball
glom ball
glosso tongue
glyco sugar
gono angle
gradi walk
gram recording
graph recording instrument
graphy recording procedure
gravi severe
gyro turn
hallu great toe
hemi half
hemia blood condition
hemo blood
hetero different
histo tissue
holo whole
homeo constant
homo same
hyalo clear
hydro water
hyper above
hypo below
ia condition
ic pertaining to
icle small
ilia flank
illa little
in protien
infra below
ino fiber
insulo island
inter between
intra within
iono ion
ischi to hold back
ism process
iso same
issimus most
ite little
itis inflammation
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