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The tissue that forms a loose fitting sac around the heart is Pericardium
The sketelon of the heart consists of fibrous connective tissue in the interventricluar septum and fibrous connective tissue encircling the heart__________ Valves
When the ventricular walls contract, the bicuspid and tricuspid valves_________ Closes
The pain associated with the condition called angina performs usually is caused by an obstruction in an artery that supplies the__________ Heart
The___________ is the potential space between them parietal and visceral pericardial membranes Pericardical cavity
Blood is supplied to the myocardium by means of the_________Arteries Coronary
The_____________drains blood from the wall of the heart into the right atrium Coronary sinus
The __________ node is a structure that consists of self-exciting tissue S-A
Impulses carried to the heart by means of fibers that secrete acetylcholine are parasympathetic impulses and cause the heart rate to_____________ Decrease
The blood pressure in the systemic arteries is greatest during_________systole Ventricular
In an ECG pattern, the P wave is caused by_____________of atrial muscle fibers. Depolarization
In an ECG pattern, the T wave is caused by_____________of ventricular muscle fibers Polarization
In an ECG the pattern, the P-Q interval indicates how long it takes for the cardiac impulse to travel from the__________ S-A node through the A-V node
The term used to describe an abnormally slow heart rate is___________ Bradycardia
Ventricular_______________ would produce the most life-threaten condition fibrilation
Both A-V node and_________fibers might serve as a secondary pacemaker for the heart Perkins
The SA node relays nerve impulses into the AV bundle of the interventricular septum and the AV node is responsible for the rhythmic contractions of the heart False
When the left ventricle contracts, blood passes into the__________ Aorta
___________is blood vessel that serve as a blood reservior Veins
The T wave of an ECg pattern represents the repolarization of the___________ Ventricles myocardium
Plasma proteins that remain in blood capillaries help to maintain the osmotic pressure of the____________ Blood
The density of capillaries within a tissue varies directly with the tissue's rate of___________ Metabolism
Molecules within the blood are forced out through the walls of capillaries as a result of osmotic pressure False
Venules continue from capillaries to forms veins, which carry blood back to the atria True
Veins function as blood reservoirs whenever blood pressure increases by venous walls constricting. True
The blood vessels whose walls are thin enough to allow exchange of gases between the blood and tissue fluid are__________ Capillaries
______________Law of the heart holds that the greater the length of myocardial fibers, the greater the force with which they contract Starling
High blood pressure, lack of physical exercise and__________ are factors that seems to increase the susceptibility to atherosclerosis Obesity
The aorta is the largest artery within the____________circuit systemic
Branches of the aorta are the right coronary artery, Brachiocephalic artery and the left___________artery Subclavian
The descending aorta divides near the brim of the pelvis to form the right and left common iliac arteries
Blood from the face and scalp is drained by the_________jugular vein external
The___________ vein is the longest vein in the body great saphenous
The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a____________ veins
The two collecting ducts that drains the lymphatic trunk are the _________ducts and right lymphatic duct Thoracic
If lymphatic tissue is removed from an axillary region, the arm on that side is likely to become____________ edematous
Lymph is_____________ that has entered a lymphatic capillary tissue fluid
The movement of lymph through lymphatic vessels is called the ______________ hilum
The spleen functions as a blood reservoir and is responsive to low oxygen concentration and contains numerous_____________ Macrophages
Thymosin is thought to stimulate the activity of the thymus gland false
Older red blood cells may be destroyed in the spleen true
The cells that are primarily responsible for immunity are___________and macrophages lymphocytes
Disease causing agents such as viruses and bacteria are called__________ Pathogen
The foreign of non self proteins that trigger immune responses to the presence___________ viruses
The most active phagocytic cells found in circulating blood are___________ and monocytes neutrophils
the widely distributed phagocytic cells that remain fixed in position constitute the _______________tissue reticuloendothelial
Immunity is an example of a specific body___________ mechanism defense
T-lymphocytes are responsible fro Cell-_________________ immunity Mediated
The type of immunoglobulin found in the secretions of exocrine gland is ________ IgA
The type of resistance that develops as a result of developing a disease i Naturally acquired________immunity active
The normal immune response require the presence of both___________ and B-cells T cells
As a result of an allergen antibody reaction, Mast cells release______________ histamine
a newborn infant may have some defense against digestive and respiratory disturbances because of IgA obtained from its mothers_______________ milk
the HIV viruses that cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome may infect _____________ cells endothelia cells and neuroglial cells T helper
When an HIV virus infect a body cell viral RNA is used to synthesize viral ____________ DNA
In recent years the largest group of_______________ patients has been homosexual and bisexual males AIDS
In an autoimmune disease the ______________ response is directed toward self substances immune
All of these are________ diseases Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus autoimmune
During the primary immune response B lymphocytes give rise to plasma cells True
As a result of the allergen antibody reaction mast cells release histamine True
An immunoglobulin molecule is an antigen secreted by T lymphocytes False
Active immunity involves a person becoming immune to a pathogen as a result of having a disease False
AIDS is caused by a virus that attacks complement enzyme False
Systemic Iupus erythematosus is an example of an autoimmune disease that affect the skeleton muscles only False
T helper cells release hormone like substance called__________ lymphokines
During the primary immune response B cells give rise to _____________cells Plasma
Immunoglobulins are contained within the____________ fraction of plasma proteins gamma globulin
A substance that can stimulate a primary immune response but is unable to produce the symptoms of a disease is an____________________ vaccine
A group of lymphocytes that originate from a single early cell is termed an_______________ Clone
Following a primary immune response the B cell and T cells that remain dormant but are able to response to antigens encountered in the future are called____________cells memory
The correct sequence for the layers within the walls of the alimentary canal from inside to outside is____________________ membrane submucosa muscular layer serous layer mucous
Peristalsis occurs in the digestive tract from the _____________to the anus Pharynx
The organs of the alimentary canal are innervated by_________________ as well as by parasympathetic nerve fibers sympathetic
Peristalsis is defined as a mixing movement that forces food through the alimentary canal being mixed with digestive enzymes False
_____________is a wavelike propelling movement that forces food through the alimentary canal Peristalsis
The teeth that are best adapted for bitting off relatively large pieces of food are the________________ Incisors
Microorganisms promote the development of dental cavities by utilizing carbohydrates and producing by products that are__________________ Acidic
Loss of teeth is most commonly associated with diseases of the dental ____________ and gums pulp
The salivary enzyme amylase functions to digest____________ carbohydrates
Because of their location swollen palatine tonsils may interfere with both breathing and ___________ swallowing
A hiatal hernia is due to a weakness of the________________ diaphragm
Gastrin which is secreted by stomach cells functions to Increase the secretions of the ___________ glands gastric
The main part of the stomach is called the_____________ body
Cholecystokinin secretion from the intestinal wall is stimulated by the presence of ____________ in the small intestine fat
A relatively new treatment in the management of gastric ulcers is a drug that inhibits the productions of HCI in the stomach I a person took this medication for a long period the digestion of_____________would be affected the most proteins
Heartburn is usually caused by effects of gastric juice on the _______________ esophagus
Cholecystokinin a hormone released from intestinal mucosa by the presence of fats stimulates the gallbladder to contract and release bile into the duodenum True
The ________ sphincter a valve that controls the movement of food between the stomach and the small intestine pyloric
Intrinsic factor is necessary for the normal absorption of ______________ from the small intestine vitamin B12
The vomiting center is located in the ________________ of the brain Medulla Oblongata
______________ is a protein splitting enzyme found in pancreatic juice Trypsin
The condition called acute pancreatitis is often caused by the conversion of trypsinogen to ________________ trypsin
The liver functions to form glucose from non carbohydrates store vitamin______ and destroy damaged red blood cells D
__________ salt constituent of bile has a digestive function Bile
Digestion of _________ would be affected the most if the liver were severely damaged lipids
Type B hepatitis can be transmitted by means of_____________ activity blood transfusion and saliva sexual
Jaundice which is characterized by a yellowish tinge to the tissue is due to an increased blood concentration of ___________ pigments Bile
gallstones are usually composed of________________ cholesterol
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