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Spinal Nerves

A-- Spinal Nerves

central part of cell where nucleus is found cell body
usually multiple and short, carry impluses toward cell bodies. dendrite
single process, usu. long, carries impulses away from cell body axons
CNS made up of brain and spinal cord
PNS spinal nerves, cranial nerves, and associated ganglia.
Controls voluntary activities, skeletal muscles Somatic nervous system
Controls involuntary activities, smooth and cardiac muscles, glands Autonomic nervous system
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there? 31
How many pairs of cervical spinal nerves are there? 8
ulnar and median nerves both are in what plexus? What do they do? supply muscles of forams and hiands. supply skin of thumbs
Where does the spinal nerve C1 exit the vertebral column? Exits between the occipital bone and C1.
How are the spinal nerves from T1 down named? Named according to the vertebrae located above them.
Where would the spinal nerve L4 exit? between L4 and L5
Spinal nerves are formed by the union of what two things? ventral and dorsal root
Ventral root consist of what type of nerve fibers and which direction to they carry impulses? Motor or efferent fibers, carry impulses away from CNS
Dorsal root consists of what type of fiber and what direction do they carry impulses? sensory or afferent fibers, carry impulses toward CNS.
The radial nerves are in what plexus? They supply what? Thumb, and posterior muscles or arms and skin of forearms and hands....triceps???
Which nerves are segmented? thoracic nerves
Cervical plexus is formed by the ventral rami of which nerves? C1-C5
Bracial plexus is formed by which ventral rami? C5-T1
Lumbar plexus is make up of which ventral rami? T12-L4
Sacral plexus is made up of which ventral rami? L4-S5
Area of skin innervated by the sensory fibers of a given spinal nerve? Dermatomes
Responsible reception, integration, and transmission of nerve impulses. neuron
Responsible for supporting and protecting neurons. neuroglial cells
What is the longerst nerve in the body? Does it extend for L3, L4, and L5? True or False Sciatic: True
The Sciatic nerves do not supply muscles to the skin of thigh, legs, and feet. True or False False
Femoral nerves supply impulses to muscles to anterior thigh and sensory impuleses from the skin of thighs and legs True
above the knee is the leg false
the orbitor nerves supply motor impulses to what part of the body thigh
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