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C words


Carousal drunken revel
Checkered calamity
Chronicle report; record (in chronological order)
Chauvinist blindly devoted patriot
Check stop motion; curb or restrain
Cherubic angelic; innocent-looking
Castigation punishment; severe criticism
Cascade small waterfall
Chronic long established, as a disease
Chortle chuckle with delight
Chivalrous courteous; faithful; brave
Chisel wedgelike tool for cutting
Choreography art of dancing
Chassis framework and working parts of an automobile
Churlish boorish; rude
Centurion roman army officer
Circumspect prudent; cautious
Clairvoyant having foresight; fortuneteller
Claustrophobia fear of being locked in
Catharsis purging or cleansing of any passage of the body
Censure blame; criticize
Causal implying a cause-and-effect relationship
Chary cautious; sparing or restrained about giving
Centaur mythical figure, half man and half horse
Celerity speed; rapidity
Caricature distortion; burlesque
Carillon set of bells capable of being played
Careen lurch; sway from side to side
Cardiologist doctor specializing in ailments of the heart
Carapace shell covering the back
Carat unit of weight for precious stones; measure of fineness of gold
Carnal fleshly
Caprice whim
Certitude certainty
Chastened humbled; subdued; rebuked
Canker any ulcerous sore; any evil
Carafe glass water bottle; decanter
Circlet small ring; band
Champion support militantly
Capillary having a very fine bore
Censorious critical
Cavalcade procession; parade
Caustic burning; sarcastically biting
Capacity mental or physical ability; role; ability to accommodate
Cavalier casual and offhand; arrogant
Canine related to dogs; doglike
Camaraderie good-fellowship
Cavil make frivolous objections
Calumny malicious misrepresentation
Civil having to do with citizens or the state; courteous and polite
Camouflage disguise; conceal
Carping petty criticism; fault-finding
Cede transfer; yield title to
Centripetal tending toward the center
Centrifuge machine that separates substances by whirling them
Circuitous roundabout
Clangor loud, resounding noise
Ciliated having minute hairs
chaff worthless products of an endeavor
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